Citizen Bank employees do not trust management and there is a shared awareness that information is...

Citizen Bank employees do not trust management and there is a shared awareness that information is not shared and communication within the organization is inadequate.

Chris Korr, was given the task by one of his managers to select and implement an investment management software at the Citizen Bank. This software is to be used to eliminate the use of paper and beef up departmental transactions. The department that responded to the software change were audit, compliance, investment and wealth departments. The team selected for implementing the software comprised primarily of personnel from the wealth management department.

The software selected by Mr. Korr along with the project team is now being adapted and used by the organization. Many employees complained that the software is not as user friendly as the previous one that was used, even if a surveyed was done, the eventual choice was not the best and cost millions of dollars. The software that was chosen was the leading brand in many developed countries, used by many banks.

However, employees have indicated that the software was not user friendly and has many deficiencies and in returned the software prevents employees from fulfilling critical job functions. An employee from the Compliance Department stated that “the software did not take into consideration the peculiarities of the Caribbean and assumed that one size fits all.” The wealth management team that were responsible for implementation have all left the organization.

1. After reading the situation above, evaluate using a change management model.

2. Discuss how trust may be cultivated at the Bank.

Please assist with answering these 2 questions in no less than 700 words.

Thanks for the assistance.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Answer 1:

Change management for the implementation of the new software:

As described in the case, Citizen bank has introduced new software for the management of the paper work of the bank and to beef up the departmental transactions. However several employees of various departments complained that the software is not user friendly and that they are unable to feed certain values in the software such as that for Caribbean.

While implementing a change, this behaviour of the employees is common. Employees take time to get adapted and connected to the change process. Initially employees may find the change in the system to be not user friendly as they are unaware of the various intrinsic features of the change and that they have became much more comfortable with the previous system. Rather than completely relying on the facts being stated by the Central Bank’s employees, bank should also consult other users of the software and the designing company for the problem. If they provide the solution for the problem, then Bank should provide training to its employees for the features of the software. However, if other banks confirm the problem and if the designing company fails to provide solution for the problems then manager should think of changing the software.

Answer 2:

In order to cultivate trust among the employees and the management of the bank, management should regularly communicate with the employees of the bank. Management should take the inputs of the employees of the bank and they should implement their inputs in the important decisions of the bank. Management should regularly communicate the progress of the bank and should disseminate the information related to the critical strategies of the bank. Bank should keep all the dealings associated with the employees transparent and should help them in understanding the critical processes associated with them.

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