We know that one must keep ethical principles in mind while retaining customer data. In this...

We know that one must keep ethical principles in mind while retaining customer data. In this regard, Facebook’s scandal on breaching customers’ privacy has come to light in recent times. In your view, which candidate ethical principles seem to be violated in this regard? Recall Candidate Ethical Principles and explain atleast 3 principles that apply to breach of privacy by Facebook.

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3 Candidate Ethical Principles that are being targeted and applied for the breach of privacy by the Facebook are:

1. Immanuel Kan't Categorical Imperative: This principle states that if the action you have taken is not right for everyone then it is certainly not right for anyone. Thus, breaching the privacy of people on facebook and selling the same data to other companies tor their marketing is a breach of this principle as some people would allow the same, many people would get offended over their personal data getting leaked.

2. Utilitarian Principle: Another principle that is being violated is the Utilitarian Principle stating that the company should take that action which would achieve the higher or the greater value for everyone. Breaching and getting into the use of privacy and selling the same data and information wasn't a Utilitarian approach and thus it was violated by Facebook.

3. Risk Aversion Principle: This principle states that least harm and least possible risks are to be produced by doing any action considering the consequences. Facebook took some actions that didn't follow the same principle and and a lot of harm and risky investments were done without considering the sudden outcomes.

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