Serving or making hot coffee example process map with 8 waste example of lean six sigma...

Serving or making hot coffee example process map with 8 waste example of lean six sigma approach and SIPOC diagram

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Waste is the step in a process without which the process can be successfully completed. And these steps are non-value adding in nature. Thus the elimination of the same would result in the important and value adding steps. Following are the 8 wastes of lean six sigma approach. Let’s look into the same with help of the example for serving or making hot coffee:

1. Defects – When the customer ordered for a black coffee and the employee made in a milk base, this can be counted as a waste.

2. Overproduction – when the order is for one cup of coffee but there are two cups produced. So the second is an overproduction which cannot be saved or served to another customer.

3. Waiting – When the electricity goes off or the glitch in the machine causes the machine to stop working the coffee get stuck in the brewer.

4. Non-Utilized Talent – When there is only one coffee machine and an employee is brewing the coffee for a customer, the next employee will have to wait for it to finish so as to brew the coffee for the next customer in queen This would form a loop at rush hours and hence would be an utilization of talent as we could have used the others also.

5. Transportation – When the employees waste their time in passing unimportant information’s mainly gossiping among them during the business hours can be termed as transportation which is a waste.

6. Inventory – when there is a low demand among the customers for coffee and the coffee powders and other requirements bought by the entity are still in the inventory unutilized or idle.

7. Motion – When the layout of the coffee shop is not such that it supports the easy movement of the employees and there are unhealthy motions required by the employees from taking order to serving the order, this adds up to the waste.

8. Extra Processing – When the coffee shop uses a machine for multipurpose and this requires an extra processing step or time for brewing the coffee, which could have been eliminated if the right machine was chosen, then that is the extra processing waste.

A process map and SIPOC diagram has been attached here with.

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