Title: Choose an NGO/Real Estate developer/Sports Facility/B2C business that is considering international expansion. This organisation is...

Title: Choose an NGO/Real Estate developer/Sports Facility/B2C business that is considering international expansion. This organisation is wishing to expand internationally and needs to determine and analyse factors that will favour (or not) expanding to this region. The organization is diverse in nature. Create a business report that includes the following 5 sections in which you answer what factors should be considered in the organisation’s decision about whether to carry out this international expansion or note.

Part b: Background

In this section you should provide an introduction that describes the layout of the report and the factors that will be addressed. You will need to briefly introduce the organisation you have chosen and present the organisation’s policy and strategy, vision and mission, ethical values, human resources (HR) management, marketing management and finance policies/objectives.

In this section you should also choose a country that would be an option for the organisation to carry out its expansion in to.

Part c: Your country(Thailand)

Here in this section, for your country there will be a 3 to 4 page report determining the cross-cultural issues the organization could face if it decided to locate/expand there. Reference should be made to organisation’s policy and strategy, vision and mission, ethics, human resources (HR) management, marketing management and finance issues relating to the choice to locate in this country.

You should also address the social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, ethical, and security issues that the organisation may face by choosing to locate in the country you have chosen to write about.

Part d: Discussion, Conclusions and recommendations

In this section you need to make recommendations for whether the organisation should go ahead with the proposed expansion in to your chosen country or not. You should include a discussion of the attitudes which favour working multiculturally, strategies that create a competitive advantage for international expansion and the advantages of culturally diverse teams in this section.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The organization I have chosen here is a B2C business that is considering international expansion. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant which is majorly concentrating on the food with an Indian touch to it and is name as ‘The Kitchen’.

In this report the major factors that would be addressed are an introduction and a background study of the entity chosen here. This would include the entity’s objective and strategy, vision and mission, ethical values, HR management, marketing management and finance objectives and policies. And also address the country to which they want to expand to and also the final recommendation and suggestion on the same.

‘The Kitchen’ is such a restaurant which has its objective and major strategy to serve the customers with good and tasty food without compromising the quality of the same rather than concentrating on one category or cuisine of food. Their major mission and vision was to mark their signature restaurant in every possible corner where there are people who love food for the way it is. They also have many socially responsible projects and actions were every customer can contribute a small amount so as to feed the needy. In ‘The Kitchen’ the employees are always with a happy face not just because they are in the serving but also because they are well treated by their management. The management has a well written HR management system on a hierarchical basis and they also address all the requirements of the employees such that they are not forced to take long tiring shifts and exhaust themselves. The management here believes that this would finally affect the food served and the taste given to the customer. ‘The Kitchen’s’ major source of marketing is the word of mouth and the social media platforms. They also place catchy and conceivable posters and hoardings at the most notable places. They also sponsor major events of the NGO’s and the social causes so as to grab the attention of people not just for their brand but also for that cause. Coming to the financial objectives and policies of the entity, they believe in an economic and substantial pricing which acknowledges the efforts of the employees also. They are clean and clear with regard to the financial flow of the entity and up to date with respect to the credit periods.

Now coming to the country which ‘The Kitchen’ wants to expand, the country is Thailand. Let’s have look into the culture of the country.

The way of life of Thailand has developed significantly after some time, from its relative disconnection during the Sukhothai time, to its progressively contemporary Ayutthaya time, which consumed impacts from all over Asia. Constrained Indian, Chinese, Burmese and other Southeast Asian impacts are as yet apparent in customary Thai culture. Buddhism, Animism and Westernization likewise assume a critical job in molding the cutting edge culture.

Thai national culture is distinguished diversely all through districts in Thailand where it likewise incorporated distinctive provincial societies, for example, the Lanna, Isan, including Chinese cause, Portuguese starting point , Persian inception, and in the reign of King Chulalongkorn in the late-nineteenth century, European pattern of patriotism has started to embed more prominent impact into Thai culture. Be that as it may, the advancement of metro culture arrived at its top after the Siamese upheaval of 1932 where arrangement of dictator systems started to embed more prominent authority over individuals' way of life and ways of life, particularly under the system of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram.

Present day Thailand has a culture that is a blend of different nearby ceremonies from various pieces of the nation, alongside Buddhist qualities and oriental patterns like in numerous pieces of Asia. Government and illustrious organization of Chakri line remain exceptionally respected by unique Siamese culture, though cultural qualities in Thailand will in general be more collectivist and strictly mainstream than in other East Asian societies which experienced impacts from western colonization.

And looking into the history of food of the country, the flavors of cutting edge Thailand gloat an old history. As right on time as the thirteenth century, the Thai individuals had built up what may be viewed as the core of Siamese cooking as we probably am aware it today: different sorts of meat and fish joined with neighborhood vegetables, spices, and flavors, for example, garlic and pepper, and presented with rice. Afterward, the Chinese carried noodles to Thailand, just as the presentation of the most significant Thai cooking apparatus: the steel wok.

Thai food is additionally intensely impacted by Indian flavors and flavors, which is clear in its celebrated green, red, and yellow curries. It would be about difficult to confound an Indian curry with one from Thailand. Albeit Thai curry fuses numerous Indian flavors in its glues, it despite everything figures out how to keep up its own one of a kind flavor with the expansion of neighborhood flavors and fixings, for example, Thai heavenly basil, lemongrass, and galangal (Thai ginger).

Different effects on Thai cooking might be found in the nations close or encompassing Thailand, for example, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia. Such copious and immense impacts consolidate to make the intricate taste of present-day Thai cooking—one of the quickest developing and generally mainstream of world foods today.

And looking to all this it can be very well understood that there will be a big cross cultural issues that would come up as we are serving the mixture of this cuisine in an Indian way which might enrage some of the locals while some find it interesting. So this is where we should think about the targeted audience and why they would want to expand to Thailand.

The entity on expanding to Thailand would be targeting the tourists in the country as it is one of the most popular countries to which Indians are flying for their vacations the most. So this is that one factor which ‘The Kitchen’ is trying to hold on to. As they have customers all over India, it would be easy for them to reach to this travelling population also.

The company would be following the similar strategy, objectives and an internationally growing mission and vision. They would also try, associate and work with the NGO’s of the country for the causes the country is facing. They would also be taking the employees from India so as to bring an at home feel for the emigrants there and also the tourists who would want to munch on to their Indian food in their foreign travel. The financial objectives and policies would also be the same and a direct and proper financial flow.

Coming to the social, economic, political, legal, and ethical and security issues that the company would have to face when shifting to the country, the following would have to be considered.

The social and economic conditions of the country are welcoming and they always promote tourism and also the brands from other countries as they believe in treating everyone with utmost courtesy. The political and legal conditions of the country are also supportive as they are much liberal when compared to the other countries. All these factors are actually the opening path for selecting Thailand as the country for expansion.

And finally I recommend that the entity should go forward with their expansion to this country as it would be a great opportunity to explore a culturally rich country and a land of some good people. Working multicultural would always help person to enrich their knowledge and also give us the capacity to see the world more wide and good. We would also be able to develop new products and add them into the menu which can be also being introduced in India. And the strategies that you can use here for a competitive advantage would be to hire some Thai people into the management and serving so as to develop a culture of serving in their way and aligning to their tradition. This would be a positive feather on our cap as we would be an example for a diversified culture. And a mix of culture would always help the entity to evolve and grow more than what it was until now.

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