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The Valvemaker Corporation is owned by Vinnie Valvemaker. It makes valves. His business has been making valves since the 1920s, having been founded by his grandfather Vernon Valvemaker. Vinnie's mother Veronica Valvemaker ran the business in the 1940s through the 1960s. All of the company's valves are made of steel. However, in order for them to function properly, they have to have gaskets where the valves join the rest of the pipes. The Valvemaker Corporation never made gaskets. However, they would include gaskets made by other companies in the boxes in which the valves were sold. In the 1940s - 1960s, those gaskets were made of asbestos. The Valvemaker Corporation did not have any warning that the gaskets contained asbestos or that asbestos was dangerous.

In the 1950s, young Peter Pipefitter worked fitting pipes. He would use the valves (manufactured by Valvemaker Corp.) and the gaskets included with the packaging (made by some other company). When the gaskets wore out with normal use, he wold replace them. Peter Pipefitter recently died after suffering terribly with mesothelioma - a lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. His widow has come to your law form asking to sue the manufacturer of the asbestos gaskets and the Valvemaker Corporation. Your employer has asked you to research and write an internal memorandum to your employer, explaining whether the Valvemaker Corporation has a duty to warn about the dangers of a product it did not produce.

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Businesses are always vulnerable to judiciary and legal implications.

Companies manufacture products and sell them under their brand names. If the products have lethal components or chemicals used in the making of their product or if they have a lethal components are attached or sold with your products it is your legal responisibility to put a warning along with the product about the lethal nature of the component used so that customers are well aware of what they are dealing with and how to safegurard themselves at the time of using thst product. Product liability concept talks about Adequate Warning about the dangers of the components used. A failure to provide adequate warnings is considered a defect in product liability.

This is a case of Product Liability in which consumer goods valves in this case is being manufactured and sold by the Valve maker Corporation. Here the valves of steel are manufactured by the company and sold in their own boxes along with gaskets required to attach the valves to the pipes. Even though the gaskets are manufactured by some other company but they are being sold along with Valvemaker Corporations valves and the consumer who bought thebox always assumed that the entire package is from the Valvemaker Corporation brand. Thus LEGAL ADEQUATE WARNING LABELS had to be attached on the gaskets composition of asbestos. It was the strict law duty of Valvemaker Corporation and they will be held liable to Mrs. Pipefitter for her husband's malignant demise due to constant exposure to asbestos.

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