Assume your group comprises a boutique HR consultancy that has been engaged by a fictional company...

Assume your group comprises a boutique HR consultancy that has been engaged by a fictional company in an industry of your choice.

You are brought in to address a company in crisis. Widespread absenteeism, all-time record low productivity, insubordination, protracted industrial action, and negative media attention—including the business being heralded as an “employer of ‘unchoice’”—fifty percent turnover and a lousy safety record have contributed to the considerable loss of market share. You are engaged to arrest the further decline and to recommend actions to take in order to rebuild back into an employer of choice within two years. The executive team is particularly interested in the potential impacts that your ideas will have on motivation, performance, retention, succession planning and talent management.

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There can be instances when organizations may go through a bad phase and in add to the bad phase there can be issues related to employees, media, business, etc. which may make the situation and all time low from the organization's perspective. As described above, the situation of the organization, it is going through a situation that an organization generally is not prepared and handling such a situation is quite difficult from a business perspective. In order to improve, I believe that the first step the organization should take up is to improve the hygiene of the organization and that is handling employee grievances and make them satisfied in the organization so that regularity is maintained in the organization and once this is implemented, productivity is ought to be better and once the business factors support the organization things will improve and come to its place and even the media will start providing positive regarding the organization.

The employee grievances once addressed and understood, the management can take steps accordingly because this is the first step in making the organization restore its lost glory and once employees are motivated back the organization should plan their approach towards the industry and this should be feasible with employee performance and if properly applied, employee performance will improve subsequently improving the performance of the organization. If employees are new to industry, then they should be trained and developed accordingly in order to be successful and make the situation better for the employees as they will have the basic and minimum idea to perform and understand what actually is expected from them.

This way employees are motivated, performance is improved and retained by the organization. These are aspects related to talent management and the reason of such issues are also talent management which needs to be mitigated with the help of effective talent management wherever applicable.

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