"Technology and The Manager's Job." well do you know Net lingo? If you received an...

"Technology and The Manager's Job." well do you know Net lingo? If you received an email or text message with GFTD written in it, would you know what that meant? What about NSFW or BIL? When an employee received an email at work from a friend with an attached slideshow entitled "Awkward Family Photos" she clicked through it and saw some pretty unusual -- yes, awkward -- photos. Looking back at the email, that's when she saw the abbreviation NSFW written at the bottom. Not knowing what that was, she looked the abbreviation up on (one of several Web sites that translate Internet and texting abbreviations). Come to find out, she should have paid more attention to the abbreviation; NSFW stands for "Not Safe For Work."

As text messaging shorthand becomes increasingly widespread in emails, text messages, and tweets, people need to be aware of what it means. At many workplaces, a working knowledge of Net lingo is becoming necessary. As employees use social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and even text messaging to communicate with colleagues and customers, the shorthand abbreviations are often necessary to stay within message length limits. However, as the NSFT example showed, not knowing, or even misunderstanding the lingo can lead to surprises, inappropriate responses, or miscommunication.

(BTW -- which is Net lingo for "by the way": FYEO means "for your eyes only"; GFTD stands for "gone for the day"; and BIL is "boss is listening.")

Discuss what benefits jargon or lingo (Internet or otherwise) have AND what are the potential communication drawbacks?

Are you allowed to use jargon or lingo at your present job?

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Answer #1

Answer: The benefits of using Jargons are

  1. It makes communication faster as messages are communicated as text and jargon shortens the word length
  2. It reduces boredom
  3. It improvers creativity
  4. It makes the messages look interesting
  5. Removes excess verbosity

The potential communication drawbacks are

  1. It may cause confusions as all target audience may not understand them
  2. It makes the communication look informal
  3. Contexts may change the meanings of jargons

Yes I am allowed to use Jargons at the my workplace but they have to be very limited and restricted to some common business forms like asap for as soon as possible

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