Reiterate your thesis statement. Be sure to state your thesis statement differently than you did in...

Reiterate your thesis statement. Be sure to state your thesis statement differently than you did in the introduction paragraph. Please help

Corporate America can help save money and the environment by going green in the offices.
Companies can save money and the environment by turning their offices in to eco-friendly green offices. We live in a get it quick and go society; which harms the earth due to pollution, littering, wasting food and water, wasting paper, and toxic chemicals. If companies would take the stand and lead this world into a healthier and safer place.

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In the endeavour to achive efficiency, profitability and exponential growth, the corporates often put the concerns for environment on the low priority list. Climate change and other outcomes of the environment neglect will affect every business in some way or other, sooner or later if not adressed to in proper and effective manner.As a responsible member of the business ecosystem, every corporate owes a responsibility towards the environment. By making small contributions on individual and organisational level, big impacts can be made. Some of these efforts may include use of digital documents to avoid the use of paper ( It will save trees and consequently environment), responsible consumption of electricity run services and amenities, use of eco friendly wares, reduction of waste, consumption of food responsibly without wasting it, effluent treatment and recycling of chemicals to limit the pollution of water and air and employing green / eco friendly processes to to reduce their impact of the environment.

By employing some simple steps, the bigger companies can help reduce the carbon footprints and help save the environment in a big way.

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