I am researching about Competitive Advantage of Harley Davidson, and I wrote some information about it....

I am researching about Competitive Advantage of Harley Davidson, and I wrote some information about it.

Please add more information in detail.

"Competitive Advantage"

Harley-Davidson's take on strategic planning for competitive advantage has helped the company increase its global market alongside it's already expanding U.S market increasing revenue and popularity overseas. Focusing on its brand loyalist's alongside it's one of a kind Harley-Davidson experience.

Harley-Davidson has recently turned to what most would consider an unconventional marketing plan known as " crowdsourcing", which includes outsourcing marketing tasks to a group of undefined respondents versus an employee or corporation. Thus relying on its own customers to handle the marketing. Harley-Davidson has reached out to Victor & Spoils a Colorado based agency whose focus is crowdsourcing. Through this partnership Harley Davidson who up to now relied on single agency-based marketing will gather ideas from thousands of it's brand followers, who will ultimately decide its marketing direction. A step they are hoping will give them competitive advantage and continuous growth.

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Along with this, the unique ideas and innovations while designing the model for the organization is a competitive advantage of the organization because the models the organization produce is quite different and possess a different image in the market and cannot be matched with any other brand. The brand value that Harley Davidson possess is enough for them to penetrate a market with ease because the target audience of the organization is generally not the common man instead the audience is the, very elite section of the society. The tenure they have been in the industry is another aspect of the organization which gives them a competitive advantage to the organization over its competitors.

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