Surgical Technology program Case study: A CST is setting up the back table and mayo stand...

Surgical Technology program
Case study: A CST is setting up the back table and mayo stand while the patient is in the OR, and the anesthesia care provider is preparing to administer general anesthesia. After confirming that the external steam indicator has changed color, the CST places the basin set from the ring stand to the back table and continues moving items to their appropriate place. Just before the patient is anesthetized, the circulator notices water on the inside of the wrap that had been around the basin.


Q1. If the indicator is acceptable, are the content of the basin sterile?

Q2. Can the CST simply replace the basin set, or is the entire back table considered contaminated?

Q3. What are the reporting requirements in this situation?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

1.Steam idicator changed inicates it is autoclaved,but we need to check the date of processing and expiration date.

It is important that basin contain water vapour.It denotes entire set is nonsterile.

2.The entire set is considered to be contaminated.If we place contaminated set on the back table, then the table is nonsterile .

3.Report this incidence to cst and nurse in charge of OR.Another report can be sent to infection control and surgeon.

all these depend on the hospital policy.

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