Your patient is an eight-year-old Chinese boy who just moved from China two months ago. He...

Your patient is an eight-year-old Chinese boy who just moved from China two months ago. He is coming to your office for a physical for school.

There seems to be somewhat of a language barrier.

According to the parents and the boys just fine.

It is unknown what shots this boy has had in the past.

Observing him in the office is a playful young boy appears to be fit

He is on no medications

Physical reveals

Skin normal except for some cracking around the lips

Gums are normal, but he has poor dentition

Heart is a regular rate and rhythm

Lungs are clear

Abdomen is soft non tender .

Full range of motion of the limbs.

Neuro normal.

Explain the CBC

What is the diagnosis

Is there any other questions you’d like to ask.

WBC 6,200 Hgb 9.8 HCT 28% MCV 68 N 52% L 28 Mono 15 Eso 4

Plts 320,000

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Answer: CBC is the complete blood count which includes counting or checking of all the blood cells to study and to reach to the root cause of any disease.

In this case, the boy's CBC is as:–

WBC's =6200 which is with the normal range of 4000 to 11000 per microlitre.

Hgb= 9.8, means that the child is ANAEMIC because the normal range is 13 - 17.5gms/dL.

HCT= 28%, is also lesser than the range of 34 - 54%.

MCV =68, shows that it is again lesser than the range of 80-100fL

Other readings of neutrophils, monophils, platelets, etc are in range.

So, the diagnosis comes out be Anaemic child, as the Hgb is very less than the minimum range and the hematocrit readings are also less showing the iron deficiency. Further tests would be required to know more about the blood related issues.

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