TOPIC: Health Insurance Coverage, the Uninsured and Uncompensated Care My subtopic: The Uninsured You are knowledgeable...

TOPIC: Health Insurance Coverage, the Uninsured and Uncompensated Care

My subtopic: The Uninsured

You are knowledgeable and passionate about a particular health policy related issue. You receive a phone call from a health legislative aide from your U.S. Senator's office and he/she asks you to prepare and deliver testimony at an upcoming Congressional health committee hearing on a topic related to this issue.

Each panel of students will research their assigned health policy issue, and decide what timely subtopic each student will address in their testimony. Each student must address a different policy topic under the panel’s assigned policy issue.

Each student’s testimony on the panel should include a brief background on the issue, facts, your proposal, and arguments (pro and con). AT LEAST ONE-HALF OF YOUR TESTIMONY TIME MUST BE SPENT ON THE SUBSTANCE OF YOUR POLICY PROPOSAL.  Be creative on how you approach your topic. For example, you may be proposing a new piece of legislation, arguing a new policy angle to existing policy, etc.

Please write a testimony on subtopic: The Uninsured

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Answer #1

Testimony on uninsured care:

  • As a part of my duty I have observed the some health care police's in the hospital settings but because of the increasing the number of police's ,ligeslation and arguing.
  • When I went to the hospital there are so many things which will effect the health of the patient.
  • With out money they will not get anything from the health case settings and sometimes police's , ligeslation also effects on the patient health.
  • When we went against the organisation they have provided care for the patient and for the normal family they will not get proper treatment for the patient.
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