Recall the clients you encountered at the community health fair (Meet Your Patients, in Volume 1)....

Recall the clients you encountered at the community health fair
(Meet Your Patients, in Volume 1). Two-year-old Jason’s
axillary temperature was 101.8°F (38.8°C); his skin was warm,
dry, and flushed. His mother told you that he had been eating
poorly and was very irritable.

What changes in behavior alert you that something is wrong?

Do you have enough theoretical knowledge or patient data to
know what is going on?

What, if any, additional information about the patient
situation do you need to understand the meaning of Jason’s
temperature reading?

Homework Answers

Answer #2

A remarkable change in behaviour ( irritability), decreased appetite ( eating poorly), and limited activity ( clinging to mom) etc are the behaviour changes observed in Jason.

The information provided is not adequate to pinpoint an exact diagnosis for Jason. However, the symptoms can lead to assuming hyperthermia etc

for the right conclusion,gathering information such as,

Does he have any other symptoms?

when did the above say symptoms occurred?

Has he received any medication for the exhibited symptoms?

Watch out for Urine output - how much fluid he took, and how many times did you change the wet diapers per day.

Check if for his family background- Look for if anybody is sick in his family.

Is he going to Day Care? if yes, then find if anybody is sick over there.

Is his sleeping pattern is ok?

Does the baby have any other underlying condition? is he receiving any medications for it.

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