1. COVID-19 is a hallmark pandemic, causing hundreds of thousands of illnesses and deaths this year....

1. COVID-19 is a hallmark pandemic, causing hundreds of thousands of illnesses and deaths this year.

We have taken many precautions to reduce the spread of the disease, with Personal Protective

Equipment (PPE) being the primary line of defense. Unfortunately, this increase in disposable items

has had an impact on our environment, as most is one-time use. Using information covered in us

class lectures, propose a new type of PPE (including masks, face shields, aprons, and gloves) that

would have significantly less environmental impact. (250 words)


2. There are multiple levels of prevention and treatment in healthcare (i.e. primary, tertiary, etc.).

List each level and give an example of a public health intervention for each. (500 words)


3. Select an environmental health issue, such as acid rain, air pollution, plastic in the ocean, etc.

Discuss why it is an issue in Australia and recommend three steps healthcare professionals in the

community or in policy making can take to change the issue for the better. (200 words)


4. Using the information learned over the semester, describe an intervention you would implement

to improve population health in one of the Social Determinants of Health from an environmental

health perspective. Explain your rationale. (250 words)


5. Public health, environmental health, and epidemiology have significant common ground regarding

theory and practice. The practices are also ever evolving, and public health in particular needs to

look more toward a health promotion approach. What does this look like, what does it mean, and

explain why this is important. (250 words).

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Disposible or one time usable PPT are widely used in all over the world. The main reason for this was they are cheap and no need of continuing care of them. The disposal of larger amount of such equipment leads to made an negative impact on the environment.

To avoid such condition we can promote the use of reusable personal protective equipment. Promote the common people to use such items. PPT made up of cloth are very safe and we can avoid disposal of larger amount of used PPT.

Cloth PPT can be used for a larger period of time by reuse it by washing or sterilizing after each use.

Proper disposal of used PPT is another way in which we can control the effect of disposible PPT on environment. Collect all the used articles and store treat them properly.

Plastic aprons are useful in protection agianst microbs and also last for long periods.

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