Many developed countries have had great success in controlling communicable diseases, thus increasing life expectancy, which...

Many developed countries have had great success in controlling communicable diseases, thus increasing life expectancy, which creates a larger aging population living with non-communicable diseases. The rising number of people living longer with non-communicable diseases is creating concern over healthcare spending across the globe, especially with new developments in medical technology and treatments that are more costly to treat these conditions (National Institute, 2014). “Per capita expenditures on health care are relatively high among older age groups” (National Institute, 2014, para.1). In addition to the rising cost of healthcare services in relation to the aging population, there have been economic losses associated with rising rates of chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, as high as 1 billion in countries such as China and India (National Institute, 2014). Ultimately, the increase in non-communicable diseases across the globe and populations living longer with these conditions due to medical advancements will place strain on healthcare systems across the globe in terms of cost, access to care and quality care delivered (National Institute, 2014).

How is the transition from communicable to noncommunicable diseases a major cause of morbidity and mortality impacting the sustainability of healthcare systems in developing countries?

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In developing countries , the people of old age groups are higher in number than other age group . In older adults of developing countries due to lack of exercises , diet , low income and facilities causes higher number of morbidity which are non communicable such as diabetes , hypertension , cardiovascular diseases , kidney disorders are found to be in larger number . If taking example of India a developing country , in which number of older adults are consisting of more than 60% of total population due to sedentary lifestyles , low income , unhealthy diet , most of the older adults have non communicable diseases which act as co- morbidity in transition from communicable diseases to non communicable disease

There is link found between transition of communicable diseases to non communicable, as in people who already have non communicable ( mainly older adults) are at higher risk of getting infection from communicable disease also mortality rates are very high . If taking an example of current COVID 19 situation, where Covid is communicable disease , the vulnerable group in developing countries are older adults because of high risk of infection due to low immunity , co morbidity and have higher rate of mortality among these age groups . Due to higher mortality rate among them , during pandemic it become very difficult for health care settings to cope up with as rate of death is high in them and requires proper treatment ,some ethical issues also arised due to it , as in developing countries there was shortage of medical facilities and staffs during pandemic and due to high mortality rate of older adults they need more attention , treatment , ventilation to support life which has become burden for health care system in developing countries .There was limited staffs ,medical facilities and number of people are at risk were high such as children and pregnant mothers too but the older adults co morbidity make it difficult to cope up with situation as older adults with comorbidities mainly need higher facilities such as ventilation but during pandemic there was very shortage of it .Also even after treatment from communicable disease , older adults with morbidity reports of heart attack or other disease condition and readmission and care is needed. So the transition of communicable disease from non communicable disease a major cause of morbidity and mortality badly impacted the sustainability of health care settings in developing countries

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