76. The stiffening of the body following death is called * a. breakdown. b. autopsy. c....

76. The stiffening of the body following death is called *

a. breakdown.

b. autopsy.

c. rigor mortis.

d. contracture.

77. Early signs of dehydration include *

a. bradycardia and decreased urinary output.

b. hypertension and dry mucous membranes.

c. hypotension and normal urinary output.

d. tachycardia and decreased urinary output.

78. Heat and cold applications are usually not left in place longer than *

a. 20 minutes.

b. 40 minutes.

c. 1 hour.

d. 2 hours.

79. The aquathermia blanket *

a. should not contact the patient’s skin directly.

b. should be pinned to the sheet to maintain position.

c. is turned on after the patient is covered with the unit.

d. should be wrapped around the patient’s body.

80. Insurance companies use DRGs to determine *

a. if the patient has recovered from his or her condition.

b. the efficiency of the hospital staff.

c. how many hospital days they will pay for.

d. what potential risks may harm the patient.

81. People with borderline personality disorder are usually very *

a. sad and depressed.

b. manipulative.

c. energetic and happy.

d. overweight.

82. You are asked to assist the patient into the dorsal recumbent position. You know that this means the patient is positioned on the *

a. right side with both knees extended.

b. abdomen with feet over the end of the table.

c. back with knees extended.

d. back with knees flexed.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Question No .76

Correct answer is option c.


Rigor mortis ,also called as postmortem rigidity, is the third stage of death. It occurs as a result of chemical changes in the muscles after death, which make the limbs to be rigid. Rigor mortis happens within 4 hours after death .

Other options are wrong and rationales are given below:

Option a is incorrect because breakdown is the sudden loss of function of a body part.

Option b- autopsy is the post-mortem examination to find out the cause of demise or the extent of disorder.

Option d- contracture is a health condition of having shortened and hardened muscles, tendons, or other tissue of the body , resulting in deformity and rigidity of joints.

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