List five psycho-social, economic, cognitive, and physical factors that can negatively affect the nutritional status and...

  1. List five psycho-social, economic, cognitive, and physical factors that can negatively affect the nutritional status and health of older adults.

2. Briefly describe the following public health programs: WIC, School Breakfast Program, School Lunch Program, Meals on Wheels, and Senior Centers/congregate feeding centers for older adults.

3. What two medical conditions are pregnant women over age 35 at a higher risk for?

4. List four benefits of breastfeeding for mothers.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Answer q 1

The individual of 60 years and above constitute the elderly. Ageing affects almost all system of the body , and also the energy requirement of the body reduced. more over economic dependency ,inability to prepare food , decrease in intake of food , poor absorption of food and many psycho social problem adversely affect the health and nutritional status of the elderly.

-feeling fear ,worries or confusion while eating or serving the food can affect negatively the nutritional status

-When a person reach old age the number of taste buds begin to decrease so that they mannot feel the taste sensation it cause less food intake and make it difficult to get all nutrients for their good health .

- The economic status also affect the health of a person when they reach elderly . because they maynot able to go for work and lack of money to buy a costly food and the lack of resource also cause the bad nutritional status.

- The people who are taking oral medications for a long period of time may suffer from malnutrition because some medication reduce the appetite and absorption of adequate nutrients .

-some people may exprience difficulty in chewing certain food because of oral problems like inflammation ,pain and ill fitting they limit the food intake .this also can negatively affect the nutritional status.

Answer q 2

school break fast program

The school break fast program started in the year 1996 for the benifits of young students .it helps to prevent the children becoming hungry in the mid morning , The purpose of giving a healthy break fast is to keep the children healthier ,provide a higher intake of vitamins , and minerals ,more over it helps to improve the concentration in studying , increase the energy to do the daily activity and gain a better score in the studies.

School lunch program

This program has an important role in providing balanced diet to school children .it help to provide a relief to parents of poor children .it help the children to learn about the healthy eating habits.

Meals on wheel

It is an american non profit organization started in the year 1965 under the title of the old american act .This program is aimed to help the elderly people those who are disabled and convalescing people and those who are unable to purchase and cannot cook for themselves. moreover this programe enable the people to stay their own home and connecting with their communities.

Answer q 3

The pregnent women over 35 years are at risk for developing gestational diabetic mellitus(type 2) , and placenta previa

type two diabetic mellitus

The risk of developing type 2 diabetic mellitus increase with age ,obesity and lack of physical activity. it occur more frequently women with prior gestational diabetic mellitus . and individual with hypertension .

Placenta previa

In this condition the placenta is partially or wholly implanted in the lower uterine segment on either the anterior or posterior wall . it occur after 20th week of gestation .placenta previa rate is raise in women with increasing age and increasing parity.

Answer q 4

Mother milk is the most natural and best food for the infant ,Breast feeding should be started as early as possible after delivery ,By permitting the baby to suck nipple ,mothers can breast feed from as early as 30 minutes after child birth.It gives the mental and emotional satisfaction to the infant .Colostrum ,the yellowish milk produced by the mother in the first three days is very healthy for the infant . The breast feeding benefits for mothers are

- Breast feeding helps in involution of uterus and establishes emotional attachment towaeds the infant

-Mother should be free to breast feed whenever and as long as she chooses , more breast feeding reduce breast engorgement and breast infection

- Breast feeding help the mother in reduce the risk of developing breast cancer ovarian cancer in late life

- The hormone oxytocin produced during the breast feeding ,it help to reduce the post partum bleeding

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