Q1a. Discuss the resources available to your family, with practical examples to support each resource available...

Q1a. Discuss the resources available to your family, with practical examples to support each resource available to your family.

b. Discuss how the principles of resource allocation influence how these resources available to your family are allocated in the family.

NB: These are the;
Principles of Resource Allocation:
1. Use just enough resources to achieve desired goals
2. Increase utility of resources
3. Expand awareness and appreciation of intent resources
4. Protect those resource at hand
5. When resources are found to be inadequate, consider increasing the total supply.

(* Not more than 6 pages*)

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Q1a :-Family resources are the means that can be used by the family to cope with difficult situations; these include social, cultural, religious, economic and medical resources.

Severe illness can disrupt family life, cause family dysfunction, strain resources, and cause caregiver burden. The family's ability to cope with crises depends on their resources. This study sought to assess families of children with cancer in terms of family function-dysfunction, family caregiver strain and the adequacy of family resources using a new family resources assessment instrument.

More than half of families were either moderately or severely dysfunctional. Close to half of caregivers were either predisposed to strain or experienced severe strain, majority disclosed that their families have inadequate economic resources; many also report inaccessibility to medical help in the community and insufficient educational resources to understand and care for their patients. Resources most often reported as adequate were: family's faith and religion; help from within the family and from health providers. SCREEM-RES showed to be reliable with Cronbach's alpha of 0.80. There is good inter-item correlation between items in each domain: 0.24-0.70. Internal consistency reliability for each domain was also good: 0.40-0.92. Using 2-point scoring system, Cronbach's alpha were slightly lower: full scale (0.70) and for each domain 0.26-.82. Results showed evidence of association between family resources and family function based on the family APGAR but none between family resources and caregiver strain and between family function and caregiver strain.

Q1b.all the resourses must be saved and used in a limit and should be stored for future use and disaster

1. Use just enough resources to achieve desired goals :- save the resourses for an emergency
2. Increase utility of resources :- inspite of keeping items useless utilise everything
3. Expand awareness and appreciation of intent resources:-give awareness to all family members and teach them
4. Protect those resource at hand:-dont waste the resourse
5. When resources are found to be inadequate, consider increasing the total supply.:-maintain the storage and prevent out of stock


Strategic planning: Resource allocation begins at strategic planning when a company formulates its vision and goals for the future. The vision and strategic goals are accomplished through achievement of objectives. For example, a consumer electronics company's goal may be to become the market leader in computer tablets. An objective towards this goal is the design and promotion of an innovative tablet.

Budgeting: Once you have set your objective, you will need to allocate sufficient resources to accomplish it. In practical terms, this is often a matter of project budgeting. In our example, the company will allocate money for market research to determine unmet consumer needs and wants for a computer tablet, money for product design and development, funds for production, and money for promotional activities, such as advertising. Each department may take its budgeted funds and allocate those resources for more specific purposes, such as hiring employees, commissioning marketing studies, and buying raw materials and components.

Logistical management: Resources have to be moved to where they need to be in order to accomplish the company's objectives that will bring it closer to its strategic goal. Logistics is the process by which a company manages the flow of resources coming into the company, flowing inside the company, and flowing out of the company.

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