magine you are the parent of a new baby. You took maternity/paternity leave to enjoy a...

magine you are the parent of a new baby. You took maternity/paternity leave to enjoy a few months off from work to be a full-time parent and will be returning to work while your child is still in infancy.

  • Discuss the different categories of temperament that babies can be born with, and the distinction between primary and secondary emotions.
  • Explain how your role as a parental figure can impact the socio emotional development in infancy.
  • Include any temperament reactions, either positive or negative, you could anticipate you or your child having?
  • How might you ease the transition for your child?
  • Include if you think that an individual's cultural background can influence temperament.  

Step 2: Read and respond to 2 of your peers

  • Use your personal experience, if it's relevant, to support or debate other students' posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues professionally and provide examples to support opinions.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The newborn baby needs to be under the care of its mother until at least 4 months and should only be breastfed in this period.If separated from mother the baby will behave irritably, cranky and refuse to feed and cry incessantly. During this time feeding with a bottle is not healthy for the baby. The mother should be prepared to take care of the baby by herself at least for 6 months after which she can seek the help of someone in taking care provided she takes care to breastfeed as much as possible along with semisolids which can be started from 4th /6th month onwards. Happpy parenting should be her mottto.

The baby needs to be under the emotional care of its mother and if not given motherly bond, the baby will suffer in mental developments and develop erratic behaviours and could be a messy child. Mother-infant bonding is absolutely necessary for the psychological and physical development of the baby. It is not advisable to get separated from the baby in its early developmental phase.

In short, the mother should be prepared to take leave from her work or otjer activitis for a minimum of 6 months to one yearif she cares for her baby.

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