List at least five communities to which you belong. These communities can reflect race, age, lifestyle...

List at least five communities to which you belong. These communities can reflect race, age, lifestyle (e.g. student, parent, career), religion, cultural/ethnic backgrounds, medical ability, sexual identity, social or behavioral group.

Once you have identified at least five communities that do not necessarily overlap, identify at least one health condition of concern for one or more of those communities.

Homework Answers

Answer #1


A group sharing a common understanding and often the same language , manners, tradition and law .

Five communities that ( I) belong:

Race : White , American

Ethinicity: Hispanic ( Latina)

Age : 19 years

Lifestyle: Student community

Religion : Christian

Sexual identity : Female

Health conditions of concern:

* Hispanic American: Hispanic America is the region comprising the countries in Americas inhabited by Spanish - speaking people. They are the descendents from spain or latin America.One major health concern for the :

Latino teenage girls is ( 3 identity, ethnicity, age , sexual identity): Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy: It is prevalent in Hispanic group. Hispanic teen's birth rate is 28.9 , where as non Hispanic white 13.2.

A pregnancy occur in a female under the age of twenty is called a Teenage Pregnancy . Lack of parental care, poverty, non use of contraceptives, lack of communication and supervision , peer pressure, forced marriage etc can be the causes of Teenage Pregnancy. The risk associated with Teenage Pregnancy are systemic infections, pre eclampsia, pre term delivery, low birth weight babies, puerperal infections etc.

* Smoking:

Smoking is an another health issue that is prevalent in college and University students. In frequent and intermittent smoking is more common in college students. Health effects of continuous smoking is vast , it includes cancers, lung diseases, heart diseases, stroke, COPD with Emphysema and Chronic bronchitis etc.

* Eating disorders: Hispanic teenagers are significantly more likely to suffer with bulimia nervosa, when comparing with non Hispanics.

It is the deadliest mental illness. Females are more prone to Eating disorders. 26% of the patients with Eating disorders may try for suicide. They are in risk if committing suicide.  

( As you didn't provide any identity details ( such as race or gender, I written on these identity options: hispanic, female, college student etc. Any preference please comment. Thank you)

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