the nurse working in the cardiac procedures area receives a patient who has undergone a cardiac...

the nurse working in the cardiac procedures area receives a patient who has undergone a cardiac catherization via the right femoral artery for evaluation of unstable angina prior to the procedures the patient was npo for 12 hrs and receive a placed for administration of the contrast agents and for access in case of emergency situation                                                             A.                                                                                         A. What is the rational for assessing distal        pulses immediately after the catherization.              B.                                                                                       B. what other assessments should the nurse perform to check for arterial insufficiency.               C.                                                                                         C. the patient asks why he needs to stay in bed with the leg extended for 2 to 6 hrs. Hiw should the nurse respond

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Answer #1

Ans a

The rationale for distal pulse assessment after catheterization to rule out the clotting complications. If the pulse is absent the there must be some obstruction o occlusion in the artery.

It also ensure the adquate supply of blood to extremities and getting enough oxygen and perfusion.


The nurse should check at the affected side colour, temperature and capillary refilling. Teach a patient to inform about pain, numbness, and tingling sensation in the extremities.

Assess the vitals sign of the patient every 15 minutes for one hour and every 30 Min for 1 hour and then hourly every 4 hours or untill discharge.

Any change in the pulse may indicate arterial insufficiency.

Ans c.

In the cardiac catheterization the probe is inserted via femaral Artery rich of blood , the patient is ask to be on bed and elevate the leg to prevent bleeding at catheterization site as well as occlusion and hematoma formation.

It also ensure the proper healing of the surgical incision.


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