CASE SCENARIO: Patient Andres, 65 male living in an urban place of Metro Manila where there...


Patient Andres, 65 male living in an urban place of Metro Manila where there are many factories and different transportation vehicle both private and public. Patient Andres is a cigarette vendor he spend his time on the street to earn his own. During his early adulthood he suffered from asthma and managed by Ventolin, and Monteleukast. He stated to smoke in his early 20’s and consumed 1 pack a day for 30 years and quit smoking when he was 53. Whenever he feels difficulty of breathing. Plus the smoke from factory and vehicles that triggered most his condition and causes him to develop productive cough he is experiencing shortness of breath with wheezing, cyanosis, with slight fever and chills. He went a diagnostic procedure like chest x ray and blood test. His current maintenance is Ventolin, Prednisone and expectorant. Pulmonary function tests demonstrate decreased vital capacity. ABG impression: Respiratory Acidosis, Mr. Andres has a barrel chest, and sleep comfortably sitting and slightly leans on the table.

1. What are the factors that trigger the attack of COPD?

2. What non-pharmacologic measures you can teach for the client.

Homework Answers

Answer #1

The factors that trigger the attack of COPD include, (American lung association, 2020):

· Exposure to pollution in the air

· Smoking

· Second hand inhalation of the smoke.

· Exposure to chemicals, dust and fumes.

· Genetic predisposition due to Alpha-1 deficiency.

· Childhood history infections of the respiratory tract

2. Some non-pharmacologic measures we can teach for the client to manage COPD include:

Giving up on smoking’

Eat right i.e. eating in small portions a balanced diet and exercising

Taking adequate rest

Make efforts to avoid infections

Learning techniques to bring up mucus


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