Your fellow subsea engineer finally returns from her honeymoon dive trip, all tan and rested, talking...

Your fellow subsea engineer finally returns from her honeymoon dive trip, all tan and rested, talking incessantly about how great it was, etc. etc. While everyone is getting back up to speed on the subsea equipment and recent developments, you are notified that your pipeline permit documentation is not complete for the Red Hawk flowline for GB 877 Well 1 and you need to get the missing information to authorities right away, but the pipeline design company representative is not available.

Question 1: What information do you have and/or can be deduced about the Red Hawk flowline? Be as detailed as possible.

Question 2: From the information identified in Q.A. specify what kind of pipeline it is, what the jurisdiction is and the associated permitting requirements?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Red hawk flow line located in GB 877 is a natural gas extraction flow line. It uses the latest technology such as cell spar and synthetic moorings. The deep water gas field uses gas expansion and aquifier for working. Reservoirs are picolene and located below salt mounded min basin. The cell spar design of the red hawk was the breakthrough technology in gs extraction. It enabled the development of red hawk. The production of Red hawk peaks at 120 million cubic feet per day although expansion is also possible. The cell spar measures 560 ft in length and has topsides on a tripartite hull.

The pipeline is a natural gas pipeline used for extracting gas and sending them to reservoirs. The jurisdiction involves voluntary pre filling, application for certificate and post authorization.

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