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"A truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent".. 4 Xscape 03.19 / JOKERWIN77
What's your favourite quote or phrase???? 2 aqua 2021.07 / 23.254.36.*
Should auld acquaintance be forgot? 2 o 2021.05 / Ottozhao666
Cute picnik quotes anyone? 2 Luv2flip:) 2012.03 / bbg15
What's your favorite quote? 1 Stacy 2011.03 / DeeJay
What is the Meaning of this Quote? 1 Tim 2011.03 / jac the hat
What are your thoughts for this 'Dreams And Realities On This Day' poem? 1 Elysabeth 2011.03 / Sue
Do you know what "Ring around the Rosie" is about? 1 Sylvia 2011.03 / Vamp
A Banker is a fellow that lends you an umbrella when the sun is shining but want.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Quizard
Where did the saying, dressed to nines come from? 1 gala w 2011.03 / Miss Chief
What is your favorite quote? 1 hutto156 2011.03 / harry_potter_unfortunate_event
Who said the following quote, please include documentation? 1 White 2011.03 / S.R.
What person gives you the best inspirations ... from those who quote and why? 1 Exchanges 2011.03 / ra芒鈧爄a
What is your view on the following Quote? 1 AALUNGA 2011.03 / destiny
What is one of your favorite funny quotes? 1 Just another pretty face 2011.03 / John Redcorn
On the phrase, "beating a dead horse": Why would you beat the horse if.. 1 Sciurus Reprobatia 2011.03 / sledhed67
What is your favorite saying/quote? 1 Cat 2011.03 / 脜鈩da p脜鈩dn脛鈥
What do you think this quote means? 1 barnameye ghashang 2011.03 / 121ggg
What is a quote for someone that wastes their time? 1 芒藴鈥γ⑩劉聽RAE in N.Y.芒鈩⒙犆⑺溾 2011.03 / Grim Jack
Can you give me one best quote/thought/feeling which you believe in life ? 1 Prince 2011.03 / AFOUR
"Every man of genius is considerably helped by being dead" ~ Robert S... 1 Mysterious Panda 2011.03 / Drop short and duck
Love quotes!? 1 Shining Star* 2011.03 / La Sorie
Do you agree......One saint Thiruvalluvar said about, delay forget idle & sl.. 1 Veers 脿庐陇芒鈧 2011.03 / Geyamala
What's your favourite quote or saying? 1 Cat 2011.03 / jrsygrl
Do you think this qoute is accurate? 1 cliffordw hippiefied ol fart 2011.03 / Sawman
Do these 2 quotes mean the same thing? To rub salt in the wounds and Kick a m.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Captain Jack 脗庐
What's the source for this quote: "I don't believe in astrology; I'm a Sagi.. 1 novangelis 2011.03 / Scorched Eartha Policy
Funny quotes 5? 1 Black 2011.03 / Indianamom
Great is the person who has not lost his childlike heart!... what do you think o.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / funseeker
Quote of the Week: What is your view on the following Quote by one of the legend.. 1 AALUNGA 2011.03 / 6000 YEAR IMMORTAL & YOUNG TAM
Do you like this quote? 1 cliffordw hippiefied ol fart 2011.03 / Reverse Cowgirl aka Sassy Gal
What is the most heroic quote you know? 1 John Bonham 2011.03 / Cynthia LY
Quote from Erick Butterworth what do you think Yes or no or other? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Helen Fear
"You need a lot of na脙炉vety to do great things"? 1 Skylark 芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / sports
Which quote did you like the most? 1 芒鈩⒙ Aishu 芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / MSK VELL
Movie Quotes--10 points to whoever gets them all or the most!? 1 beb 2011.03 / They call me ... Trixie.
Do you have something that you like to quote.either something you got from somew.. 1 kathwah 2011.03 / Regwah
Profound Quote from whom? 1 Smart Dude 2011.03 / Science
Where does the expression "I'm gonna beat you like a red headed stepchild&q.. 1 Bozz Mozz 2011.03 / sgoldperson
Answering back to quotes examples please Is this one? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / your moms big fat hairy vagina
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button quotes...? 1 a 2011.03 / Lorena
Do you like this quote? 1 Duchess of Cookieshire 2011.03 / I Dream of Flight
It is not he who has little,but he who always wants more, who is poor! quote on.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / tottiepeel42
In this day and age when the cost of everything is going up, remember it still .. 1 gussie 2011.03 / scooter_the_squirrel_agent
Do you like these quotes? 1 Steve 2011.03 / Sushi
When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, It is useless to seek i.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / PattyAnn
Could the source of your obstructions be sublime...? 1 Mysterious Panda 2011.03 / 芒藴录 G脝鈥撁喡∶徟 芒艙啪 脩聽脡陋脦路脟楼s 芒藴录
Who said the following quote many years ago and yet is so a propros today? 1 SavvySue 2011.03 / Nurse Susie 芒鈩⒙ hugs
There are always flowers for those who want to see them quote from Henri Matis.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Dolores & the prune
What are some cute phrases/short quotes??? 1 yankees_are_my_life 2011.03 / br00kelynn3
What do you think of this quotation of mahatma Gandhi on violence? read details? 1 Geyamala 2011.03 / MS - Believe in Ek Oankaar
Cute sayings, Quotes, etc? 1 f.ireworks 2011.03 / Tell Marie
Do you agree. . . . . . . . .? 1 KK~Silent tears always unheard 2011.03 / Ramasubramanian A
Can You Quote Shakespeare from your memory? 1 Therapeutic Chain of Events 2011.03 / Sallie W
What is the one quote which you truly believe in ? 1 Megha 2011.03 / Bourne Supremacy
Sticks and stones may break my bones , but names will never hurt me... agree or .. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Nemesis
What do you think about this quote? 1 Wayne(Brandon)2 2011.03 / Debbie's angel
Set your goals high, and don`t stop till you get there.... Bo Jackson..... Agree.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / HaSiCiT Bust A Tie A1 TieBuste
I saw a stationary store move! Jay London quote.. What do you think of it? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / steve
Need emo, love, and lyric sayings or quotes? please? 1 ices 2011.03 / marzhelae
Couple of inspirational readings what do you think? pass if you are not inter.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Precious to Jesus
What is your favourite quote? 1 Can I Be Your Pet? 2011.03 / tree
What do you think of this quote by Albert Einstein? 1 Travis Anderson 2011.03 / The Grey Atheist
Funny quotes? 1 Black 2011.03 / Happy Murcia
What do you think is meant by this sentence: "Knowing too much can get you .. 1 barnameye ghashang 2011.03 / Avenger
Thought for the day... What do you think of it? I think it is excellent? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / muraledh
I totally don't get what this saying means? 1 Looney 2011.03 / Jon M dn 脟聺p脛卤s s脛卤脡楼芒鈥澛
What are your favorite love quotes? 1 Bullwinkle J. Moose, esquire 2011.03 / hawt milf
Indian Friends: What is your view on the Following Quote? 1 AALUNGA 2011.03 / 6000 YEAR IMMORTAL & YOUNG TAM
What your favorite saying? 1 Lala_L0vely 2011.03 / Amber
Ask no questions , you`ll get no lies! What do you think of that? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / steve
A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.....quote W C Fields..... what.. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Doethineb
The fear of becoming a" has been", keeps many from becoming anything? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / Andrew M
What are 3 words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere? 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / open4one
It`s nice to be important, but it`s more important to be nice! Quote Agree .. 1 Enigmatic J home alone xxx 2011.03 / steve
Quotes on moving on,getting over something,life going on? 1 Dani R 2011.03 / Rach
Is it "bare with me" or "bear with me"? 1 Frank 2011.03 / 脦露脧艗脦碌芒鈩⒙
I need quotes about boys! no love quotes? 1 strawberieKisses脗拢CaramelWishe 2011.03 / Oh Meow!
What's your favourite "Quote" or Oneliner? 1 beaver_la_diva 2011.03 / The Wandering Blade
What is your favorite quotation? 1 Geyamala 2011.03 / pleadship

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