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Is this rude to say ? 8 Tony 04.25 / 203.175.73.*
Ladies, please tell me how to deal with such a B----.? 2 Victor M 04.15 / 46.133.14.* 0 nxjdghcvn 2021.11 / nxjdghcvn
Advice needed on planning a celebration dinner; my nephew won the Bride of Leave.. 2 NONAME 2021.08 / bondsally
Telemarketer fun? 2 Proud GF of Marine 2021.07 / 185.147.212.*
Hey everyone its my BIRTHDAY today .. could you leave a bday msg and a thumbs up.. 2 Beautiful - 2021.02 / ruoman3
What would cause a guy to be nice to one girl and rude to another? 2 banana bee 2016.07 / 23.249.176.*
How to stop cars from blasting music at 2 in the morning? 1 alex 2011.04 / Kra Arbe
Help editing and revising? Is there any way to clean this up or make the sentenc.. 1 Wikobey 2011.04 / Jean L
What makes you care about what others say and think about you? 1 Linda Taylor 2011.04 / Kimi
Paying for yourself to go to a friend's birthday party? 1 The one at 352 2011.04 / Nancy
Why would these guys laugh at me when they don't know me? 1 HH 2011.04 / E
Does wanting a hummer make you self centered? 1 Art 2011.04 / marys.momma
If you went food shopping and when you got home you noticed that you did not hav.. 1 Stingray 2011.04 / babe
What to do in this situation? 1 Kr En 2011.04 / Macaney
Do you think it'd be okay, for me to be your man? or at least to hold your hand? 1 ucchi 2011.04 / _Jess_
What do you think the girls at school will think of me? 1 Ben 2011.04 / Maz M
Is it weird to stay in contact w. Your professor after you're done w. Their clas.. 1 Demi Delz 2011.04 / wealthie d
What does it mean guys on the street asks you for your phone number? 1 Jessie 2011.04 / Spindrift
Letter of recommendation opinions? 1 xbrianna00x 2011.04 / LS
Who made up the rules of proper etiquette? 1 Itstartshere27 2011.04 / misslabeled
Do you care what drug dealers think of you? 1 Corry Thompson 2011.04 / fatoosh
How to react when you can't tell whether someone's being sarcastic or serious? 1 Lois Griffin 2011.04 / DR.R.Luxemburg
Have you ever stopped going to a business even though they have good merchandise.. 1 Raunnie 2011.04 / gustavo6723
When is enough enough? 1 mangelnr27 2011.04 / sugarlips
What should I make of his recent venting? Is that bad as far as rekindling roman.. 1 NONAME 2011.04 / lfh1213
What starts with the letter d and id found in the bathroom? 1 Asawer Nihal 2011.04 / P!NK
Is it Proper Etiquette to politely......? 1 Mistlelaneous 2011.04 / Kaviani999
What should i do if my friend and my sister wants me to dump my boyfriend? 1 Marry Smith 2011.04 / lfh1213
How would you react if the person you really liked told you they were afraid of .. 1 Rachel 2011.04 / Julia S
How many times should you ring a doorbell? 1 KAS 2011.04 / wyomugs
Fiance complains about me working -_-? 1 Kenya Raised 2011.04 / Scarlet MacBlu
How do I gently break the news to my co-worker that I would like to rip his face.. 1 in.between 2011.04 / manuel
Since today is National Boss's Day how can I show him my appreciation for his co.. 1 YooHoo 2011.04 / BadBeast is pretending to be a
My husband and I were invited to a formal dinner at the U.S. Embassy in Paris..... 1 FallenAngel脗漏 2011.04 / Jon M dn 脟聺p脛卤s s脛卤脡楼芒鈥澛
What is proper iPod etiquette? 1 Heath R 2011.04 / Answer Girl 2007
What to do when you've noticed you're less patient with things, people, etc. and.. 1 Alice 2011.04 / Raunnie
I accidentally called a military man "Ma'am" over the phone? 1 Jen 2011.04 / Kenya Raised
Why do people think it is acceptable to be rude to staff in a business? 1 KP 2011.04 / Raptor Jesus
Don't know what to do... :)? 1 David 2011.04 / lfh1213
Was it inappropriate for my landlord to say this and should I be offended? 1 脦卤d芒鈩⒙f 2011.04 / boo bones
Did I respond positively in this case? 1 JY 2011.04 / lfh1213
Do you think people would stop using curse words if...? 1 Gina S 2011.04 / ihaveasexyhusband
How to tell someone you hate them or don't like them at all? 1 Natalia 2011.04 / Enlightened
How do you go on about bringing up a sensitive issue with someone? 1 YourMaster 2011.04 / woodysdeath
Are jokes about childhood incidences an acceptable part of a Maid of Honor speec.. 1 Krista Jackson 2011.04 / Alexis Brien
Is my neighbor asking for it? 1 Jack 2011.04 / Poe
My bosses fought in front of me, what to do? 1 Show Breeders Sell Better Pups 2011.04 / nudle_2
What to do when when someone knows what they're doing is wrong? 1 babygirl 2011.04 / Raunnie
Do you feel like everyone in your city or town are paranoid? 1 pracilla 2011.04 / Ann
My neighbor asked to use my credit card... how do I get out of it? 1 l B 2011.04 / 芒鈩⒙ Mad Luv 芒鈩⒙ aka ~Pril~
What do African Americans like to called nowadays? 1 BOB 2011.04 / Jan Brady
Why do some people ignore you when you're talking to them? 1 Ellie Marieee :) 2011.04 / mArTiNeZ and PROUD
Why do some people like to be disliked!?!? 1 Domino 2011.04 / iknowthings
What should I get a friend from work as a thank you gift? 1 queenofsiberia 2011.04 / mamarat
Why do some people drag on and on ..same questions over and same subj.. 1 . 2011.04 / Cissie
Dealing With Mean People At work, Please need advice? 1 sara 2011.04 / Art
Whats the best way to deal with burn out.? 1 john d 2011.04 / Becky F
How do i stop hating someone i've never even met? 1 LOL 2011.04 / M Shant
My grandma keeps sending me junk mail? 1 I.I. 2011.04 / Melissa D
How should I approach this? 1 DebiDel 2011.04 / Sam
What kind of child would do this? 1 Enlightened 2011.04 / Liz
Is the pull my finger gag really offensive to some people ? 1 Chris Brindle 2011.04 / double d debbie
What is the best etiquette book out there? 1 dayzzee 2011.04 / lfh1213
If a girl asks a guy to prom, does she pay for his ticket? 1 Francesca 2011.04 / sugarlips
Why do people feel obligated to promote their drug use everywhere? 1 Enlightened 2011.04 / Bent Snowman
This girl turned me into a jerk? 1 Derrick 2011.04 / dove
What is wrong with me? 1 TeenageBallerina 2011.04 / Ivy Veleno
What are you thinking when you see someone in a tube top? 1 lenny 2011.04 / Monty S
What would you do if someone asked you to do something you could not afford? 1 Deborah Weiger 2011.04 / Kristin Jaccarino
What should I do this holy week? 1 Sawako74 2011.04 / Elise Manning
Emily Post or Judith Martin(miss manners)? 1 dayzzee 2011.04 / 1SxyRetroWife
Is it rude for a close friend that you've had issues with in the past to delete .. 1 EveDreamer 2011.04 / Nancy
Do attractive people get dates? 1 I miss her 2011.04 / Ronald
Is it rude for a close friend that you've had issues with in the past to delete .. 1 EveDreamer 2011.04 / SugarCat
I need some ideas or suggestions? 1 have me feelin fly like im fkc 2011.04 / Tom K
Would a woman ever talk about you (positive and/or negative) because she likes y.. 1 Kristin 2011.04 / Fanny
Can you help with a sleep problem and neighbour activity? 1 jupiteress 2011.04 / Alion
Okay, so you have an infected sebaceous cyst on your back, you've see a doctor a.. 1 Papa McCain 2011.04 / O'Gasmic Ninja
If you unintentionally played games with a woman you like, is there a way to rev.. 1 Kristin 2011.04 / cunfused

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