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Do you have any tips on babysitting? 3 ilovetennis! 05.30 / SteveCAronson
Question for parents with a physically disabled/scarred child? 2 100% 芒鈩⒙reole芒鈩⒙ 03.14 / PaigeWatson
Does your child wake up often in the night?   9 ohmybaby 2021.12 / ashimagupta02
EFFUEL REVIEWS 0 103.245.134.* 2021.04 / 103.245.134.*
Is there a word or phrase that your child mispronounces? 3 user formally known as [email protected] 2015.10 / xiao
I need help???????? Please? 1 Mike 2011.04 / Katy
If you lived next to a "nuclear accident" and were forced to evacuate,.. 1 william 2011.04 / Bri, just Bri.
End of high stakes testing. Do you celebrate? 1 Jenny 2011.04 / DJ and Andrew's mama
Single mothers, have you sold Mary Kay & how was your experience? 1 Sunshyne 2011.04 / Zaza
Parentally speaking : Does the qualifier 'parentally speaking'? 1 Mom2Max 2011.04 / desmeran
Moms- "I cook you clean"? 1 Jordan's Mommy 2011.04 / royalbird
My husbands ex asked me not to tell him some thing what do i do. read for info? 1 shelli 2011.04 / Yup
Parents would u let ur 13 year old do this? 1 Hate math Hate history 2011.04 / Matt Mulaire
Starting Kids In Music Lessons? 1 Geronimo 2011.04 / .hor. Like mama, like baby-bot
Have you tried the normal version of that extreme couponing? 1 Beachy Keen 2 2011.04 / K08080808
Small kids and pools? To get one or not? 1 Beachy Keen 2 2011.04 / Georgia
Do you play along with your kid's, make believe, or all you one of those "a.. 1 Aesa is Chasin' Mason! 2011.04 / 芒鈩⒙ッ幝眓g脩鈥漧 m脦卤m脦卤芒鈩⒙
Parents, another TTC question? 1 Bri, just Bri. 2011.04 / The Cass
Do your kids talk in their sleep; if so, how often does it fool you? 1 Deans 2011.04 / .Simply Me.
Do you ever keep your healthy child away from a kids activity because of your si.. 1 Deans 2011.04 / awkwardly balanced
Other peoples kids make me anxious? 1 Hillbilly Lily is 17 months! 2011.04 / MT
What were your test results? 1 TLS 2011.04 / Bonini
Why do some parents do this? 1 Skypo 2011.04 / jumping off swings
What is a good age to introduce youngins to historical things like the Holocaust.. 1 Retro Melon is a chick! 2011.04 / Nerdy - Now with Splenda芒鈥灺
How important should step children be in your life? 1 Laugh and Love 2011.04 / a chick
Do you tear up when reading aloud to your kids? 1 desmeran 2011.04 / Zorro
How does Zorro have so many kids? 1 Bri, just Bri. 2011.04 / Zorro
Single parents: do you ever perform background checks on new partners to help ke.. 1 $0.02 REMAINS 2011.04 / Lulu Lullaby
What do you do with the money you find in the laundry? 1 *EMMA LAURAS*MOMMA 2011.04 / Melyssa
Parents with kids with tics (or people who have them yourselves)? 1 desmeran 2011.04 / Missy~Mom to Hannah- # 2 due i
Should I have sex at 16? 1 Britany Burned 2011.04 / Courtney
Don't you hate it when you get in the van and there's not candy? 1 40 year old man 2011.04 / Amphdrew V
You cannot view this question at this time.? 1 Bonini 2011.04 / Jane Doe 2.0
Do other kids do this? Why does my daughter do this.? 1 LadyCatherine 2011.04 / Sincere
Does your tot have a dry scalp? 1 Aubree's Momma芒鈩⒙ 2011.04 / The Jolly Roger
Good Morning. What is up for today? 1 Kimberly 2011.04 / Skygazer
How can i be a good mother ? im failing big time!? 1 Broken Hearted Girl 2011.04 / Karrie S
Parents, what do you make of this? 1 Bri, just Bri. 2011.04 / Kiss my gLee
I feel that my disabled daughter is ugly. Help? 1 Think Some more 2011.04 / Molly
Parents: Regarding the election...? 1 Bonini 2011.04 / awkwardly balanced
When is the best time to dye Easter eggs? 1 My 4 Boys 2011.04 / Beachy Keen 2
Will u abandon Ur daughter if this happen? 1 kity love 2011.04 / Bud Vet
Opinions about adoption versus keeping and raising the unintended child yourself.. 1 Valerie 2011.04 / Melyssa
My Daughter Hit Son With A Toy Hammer? 1 Mother to Bella and baby Cade 2011.04 / Bragg Wmn
What type of bra do I get? 1 unwritten_alexa09 2011.04 / lolo
Parents: which child (hypothetically) would you like more and why? 1 the it girl 2011.04 / Courage
How do i tell my daughter that my son is leaving for college? 1 Chris 2011.04 / Jay Jackson
My son found my hustler, help!? 1 Melissa 2011.04 / Diane
Is food a priority in your home... Or is plain food and leftovers okay for you? 1 Jane Doe 2.0 2011.04 / .hor. Like mama, like baby-bot
At what age should you stop letting your kids bathe with you? 1 Piper's Mommy 2011.04 / Me, myself and I
Do single mothers like being independent or do they feel alone/ lonely at times? 1 Alex Esquire 2011.04 / Kat
How to tell if it's fractured/sprained? 1 Mama to 3! 芒鈩⒙ 2011.04 / ozboz48
How can do better at being on time? 1 Brandy 2011.04 / Tumbler
Advices on a child who got his first computer? 1 emily 2011.04 / tobyink
Is it okay that I don't like my son to be around my friends 3 year old son? 1 M脙掳mm脗楼 脙掳脗拢 J脙楼脗楼 2011.04 / Amanda Clark
How do I get my parents to stop trying to show their dominance? 1 Whatup Mcgee 2011.04 / Cultivating You
Do you think extended family is necessary in a child's life? 1 Isis Grace 2011.04 / kiwi
Anyone else super grossed out when you can discern what the meal is your toddler.. 1 Big Daddy R 2011.04 / Mom2Max
How often do your kids have friends over? 1 My 4 Boys 2011.04 / Jax's Mommy
Another personal question on the Parenting Board? 1 Pippin 2011.04 / Nina Lee
Co-sleeping and culture? 1 Kiss me now 2011.04 / Emura
Parents, a TTC question? 1 Bri, just Bri. 2011.04 / Retro Melon is a chick!
I didn't even know they still did this? My son is anxious about picking teams in.. 1 谩碌藛谩碌鈥櫭÷碘櫭÷邓喢嬄∶÷碘 谩碌鈥∶÷邓 2011.04 / Dalton & Kaiah's Mommy
How much should I charge to babysit? 1 Mandy563 2011.04 / Artemis
Parents how often do u do yardwork? 1 jane collective 2011.04 / pdooma
My 6 yo daughter insists on "boy" anything. Boy clothes, boy toys, boy.. 1 E 2011.04 / Jaymie L
What age do you think kids should stop having co-ed sleepovers? 1 Jessica Volleyball 2011.04 / Bearsky
Do you think these kids in the parenting section who are "in trouble"? 1 I'm just Robyn. 2011.04 / Ista
Very proud dad today have any other parents experienced something like this? 1 hulk 2011.04 / joeyc
When your kid says "no" does a sudden rush of anger run through u? 1 jane collective 2011.04 / 脣拧脙搂脩聫azy diamo脦路d脣拧
Would you do this with your son? 1 baby 5 due sept 22 2011.04 / richard_thor13
Mother too strict for her children? 1 AVGVSTVS 2011.04 / jenny
Is your teen comfortable talking to you about all their problems? Do you talk ab.. 1 Nina J 2011.04 / awkwardly balanced
When did you buy a kiddie pool? 1 Bonini 2011.04 / Bri, just Bri.
Should I have been spanked? 1 Jennate Williams 2011.04 / caligal101
Is it wrong to want more children, when I have two at 20? 1 Alessandro Stephenson 2011.04 / Nayeli Clarke
Do you make sure to keep 6 months worth of mortgage/rent payments in your saving.. 1 Jax's Mommy 2011.04 / desmeran
How do I make it clear to my friend that her daughter really needs her? 1 Catherine 2011.04 / michele
Parents, what would you do if you suspected your 18 year old child was cutting h.. 1 Timen M 2011.04 / jamie lawrence
Strict/Overprotected parents is there a diffrence? 1 Lucy A 2011.04 / elaeblue

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