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VisiShield Reviews 0 103.245.134.* 09.13 / 103.245.134.*
Dentitox Pro Reviews - Is Dentitox Pro Drops Legit? 0 2409:4073:2087:d8e8:cc73:fd6c: 06.18 / 2409:4073:2087:d8e8:cc73:fd6c:
Is Dentitox Pro Drops Really An Effective Gums & Teeth Formula? 0 WILLIAMJzx 05.26 / WILLIAMJzx 1 39.42.145.* 04.29 / ashimagupta02
Where can a dentist get the dental supplies he needs? 2 gabbyss 03.28 / liollar 0 39.42.170.* 03.08 / 39.42.170.*
What are some nicknames given to kids with braces? 2 Romeo 2011.07 / 94.12.51.*
Can I listen to my ipod during my cleaning? 1 Sabrina 2011.04 / SHTIFFIRG
Why are they called wisdom teeth because they dont make you any wiser? 1 Kathi 2011.04 / himal
Who is the best esthetic dentist in lebanon? 1 RedLine 2011.04 / reine
Who is the Best Cosmetic dentist in beirut lebanon? 1 RedLine 2011.04 / reine
I got a cavity filled a week ago and my mouth still hurts? 1 Greta 2011.04 / tigrababy2000
When a tooth disappears, do the rest of the teeth shift to fill in the gap? 1 none 2011.04 / *Amazzingness Incarnate*
What is the best and strongest, lasting denture adhesive ? 1 jayneditto 2011.04 / beemerharley
Are Crest Whitestrips worth my time? 1 Some Dude 2011.04 / Aaron
How do you get back to eating normally after you have your wisdom teeth removed? 1 arabeesk 2011.04 / meenakshi
Have you ever rushed home from the store and brushed your teeth cause you got a .. 1 脡卤脝鈥澝吪该⑩澛济喡姑喡γ喡 M芒藛鈥犆壜 !S F脫篓脨 2011.04 / Mr Snork 芒鈩⒙'s Smexified芒鈥灺
Do you have any words of encouragement for me this am before I go to the dentist.. 1 MISS MANNERS 2011.04 / livn4themin
Do they bury people with their braces on? 1 Bronwyn 2011.04 / The Gentle Giant
If someone dies with braces on, do they take them off? 1 Nicole 2011.04 / babydoll86
Are retainers after braces really necessary? 1 ghetto_supermodel 2011.04 / PenPress
How do most dentists pay off their student loans? 1 chen2001md 2011.04 / grandpa walleye
When do kids normally start losing their teeth? just an age range is good.? 1 ws in spring fever 2011.04 / sweetnessRDH
Will having braces effect how well I can lie through my teeth? 1 mj 2011.04 / Redmuppet
Do they bury people with their braces on? 1 Poncho 2011.04 / b a i l e e芒藴庐
Swollen GUms (braces)? 1 Unknown 2011.04 / CJ
Why is it that I still get bad breath a few minutes after I brush my teeth? 1 Forever Young I Wanna B 2011.04 / Anahata to the rescue
They said they have to make a hole on the upper part of my tooth, but is it comp.. 1 Queen Lucy The Valiant 2011.04 / cavassi
Which toothpaste tastes the best? 1 Barkley Hound 2011.04 / smart boy
I have rotten teeth which causes bad breath,? 1 jared 2011.04 / John Triden
If mouth washes that contain alcohol are no good why do they still make them? 1 RONIRVANA 2011.04 / tooth975
Do you find your electric toothbrush just to violently aggressive to use on a da.. 1 MISS MANNERS etiquettespeciali 2011.04 / Skwerl
My tongue gives me bad breath, but I brush and scrape it in the morning, and it'.. 1 Lonewolf Bukawhite 2011.04 / Scot Rubin
How can i rebuild the enamel on my teeth? 1 Crysta 2011.04 / cardinalcutie87
I can't tell the difference between my obsession Syd and her clone? 1 Birty Dirdy STD 2011.04 / Birty Dirty
In 45 minutes im getting braces? 1 :) 2011.04 / Forever and Almost Always
How do you get rid of bad breath? 1 Aphra Behn 2011.04 / Scot Rubin
I am having pain from my broken tooth, help!? 1 Queen Lucy The Valiant 2011.04 / QW
That's interesting ... just been reading about the history of dentures? 1 Anyanswer 2011.04 / Quizard
I just came back from the dentist: How much hydrocodone is too much? 1 (sassy and tangy) is ho ho hoi 2011.04 / NONAME
How to stop teeth grinding at night ? 1 Jasmine 2011.04 / MS - Believe in Ek Oankaar
How can I grow my missing teeth? 1 BeiYin *The People Whisperer* 2011.04 / InkyPinkie
Do you know where the yellow went? 1 Bob Dylan 芒鈩⒙ 2011.04 / JOHN
Have you ever accidentally bitten the vein on the bottom of your tongue? 1 芒鈩⒙pecial Red Girl芒鈥灺 2010.01 / baseball_cubs_12
How many times a day do you honestly brush your teeth? 1 Rockin Rizzo 2010.01 / ZackyBear
What do you do when a friend wont see a doctor???? 1 I LIKE TO YELL 2010.01 / Mickey Mouse Spears
How long does it take to get braces? 1 Lindsay 2010.01 / 谩鹿鈥懊兟懧伱兟竘脦碌[loves silliman& r
What are effective ways to rid of bad breath i tried everything from altoids to.. 1 snazzy2d9s 2010.01 / mlgable
I Have A Braces Question? 1 Jennifer S 2010.01 / Fizzle
I accidently swallowed my mouthwash. What's going to happen to me? 1 BadGirlGimpy 2010.01 / Katchoo Choovanski
Veneers ....? 1 谩茠娄u脢聧op 脡鈩脛卤sdn pl脡鹿o脢聧 脢沤脡炉 2010.01 / karla t
What is causing my gums to be swollen? 1 moralez914 2010.01 / RDHgirl
What size floss do you use? 1 Only the beginning 2010.01 / Taboohunter
Would you pay to have your teeth whitened? 1 D 2010.01 / ChocLover
Is there anyway to calculate when the next plaque will happen? 1 Vitamin Meppa has an STD, eeww 2010.01 / Rosie aka Rosie
Please give me some advice im in pain? 1 chrissie 2010.01 / MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING
Did you know there is a vitamin you can take if you have a loose tooth and it wi.. 1 Sage 2010.01 / Moon :)
Is constantly chewing on gum bad for your jaw?!!? 1 iloveconan123 2010.01 / Annette
What's a clear retainer? 1 oOxXAmberXxOo 2010.01 / i have a question
Electric Toothbrushes: Good or bad? 1 Elric of Melnibon脙漏 2010.01 / nanny chris w
Can you make your tongue bigger? 1 joshua b 2010.01 / PenPress
Hi do braces hurt? 1 芒鈥毬⑺溌济惵懧徝捖幻捖姑戔澝惵访⑺溌济⑩毬⑩劉芦芒鈩⒙ 2010.01 / lo2400
Should I remove my grillz when me and my man go parking? 1 SluTina's going to WDW~~~ILF 2010.01 / Jilibean
SHE HAS BAD BREATH!!! BUT SHE"S SOOO HOT!!? 1 Nathan 2010.01 / Ney
If I buy bacon-flavored dental floss, will my dentist think I'm not taking denta.. 1 My Secret Identity 2010.01 / I Am Meat
I want whiter teeth.? 1 Arion 2010.01 / Neon Mitch
What do you do when you have bit off more than you can chew? 1 D 2010.01 / Arlanymor
First dental implant coming up...$3,700.00 for one tooth. Tell me about your ex.. 1 Freedom 2010.01 / reader.erin
Anyone wear Braces on their teeth? 1 BroWn N' SuGar Dani 芒鈩⒙ 2010.01 / Alisa
What color bands should i get for braces? 1 芒鈩⒙!Jennie!芒鈩⒙ 2010.01 / Al Scusi
When did you last attend the Dentists? 1 D 2010.01 / Freudian Slip
Bleeding tooth? 1 timbo_boi15 2010.01 / wilma m
I have white marks on my teeth because of braces? 1 hot purple 2010.01 / Dr. Jay, DMD
Is it a bad sign if your gums are swollen? 1 Big Bad BOB MacBob - SUPERBOB 2010.01 / ZsaZsa Galore
I have a braces question? 1 I-pod芒藛拧, skates芒藛拧, happiness 2010.01 / 芒鈩⒙!Jennie!芒鈩⒙
Can your teeth effect your vision? 1 LINDA M 2010.01 / lil_chicababy03
Can any1 guess this place? 1 sonny l 2010.01 / bekkstaar
Why does toothpaste bother to say "with fluoride!" when you can't find.. 1 Sara 2010.01 / thomas p
Why can't my dentist make this stupid crown stay in my mouth? It's fallen out 6.. 1 Reformed Lady Gangster 2010.01 / angus4
Does stress contribute to grinding your teeth at night? 1 Mother Nature 2010.01 / Cilly W

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