Answer the following very thoroughly : write in depth for each question : 1) we discussed...

Answer the following very thoroughly : write in depth for each question :

1) we discussed the advantages of “Innovation Clusters”. Take the opposite view and make an argument against Innovation Clusters as necessary for innovation. What might be the disadvantages in Innovation Clusters?

2) You want UAB to adopt a student-user innovation community that has input into campus life and academic programs. How would you go about implementing this change and overcoming resistance?

3) You are considering becoming an entrepreneur. Apply the 4 frames of value innovation and the strategy canvas to identify a new blue ocean market opportunity (in something other than Autonomous Vehicles)

4)You are the CEO of United Airlines and you have had a pretty difficult month. First, you kicked young women off of a plane because they were wearing yoga pants, then you forcefully dragged a doctor off a plane against his will. While your stock price has mostly rebounded, you a loss of value of $1 billion the day after the incident with the doctor.

You know your organization needs a culture change. Apply Kotter’s 8-step model of change,to the United organization – what would be your strategy for remaking the organization? Be as specific as you can.

there isnt a case just provide answers , we didnt study a case

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Ques 1. The disadvantages of Innovation Clusters are:

  • This may result in excessive concentration of major enterprises in environmental conflict. Further the cluster could push technology obsolescence and decrease of its competitiveness in the markets
  • These clusters are often reserved. This reserved character may result in the elasticity reduction of the participating enterprises
  • Also, there is absence of competitors in these clusters. This may lead to destruction of the need for constant updation of production and sales processes.
  • the complication lies in the fact that each cluster is unique. This uniqueness may lead to considerable complication of efficiency. Hence the functioning may not be up to date, as there is no comparison with other clusters
  • There is a correlation between the cluster and the performance of each of its member.
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