1. Which of the following is a criticism of virtue ethics? It provides us with no...

1. Which of the following is a criticism of virtue ethics?

It provides us with no explicit guidance in deciding how to act in particular circumstances.
It does not tell us which scriptural texts to follow.
It does not tell us how to resolve ethical disputes.
All of the above.
A and C only.

2. The following would be examples of ____ virtues: benevolence, compassion, honesty, charity, sincerity, sympathy, respect, consideration, kindness, thoughtfulness, loyalty, fairness, etc.


3. According to the critics of virtue ethics, medicine is repeatedly faced with the problem of deciding about ____, but virtue ethics is about character and dispositions. How can it help us make decisions?

who pays for what
allocate scarce medical resources
what actions ought to be taken
determining a physician’s appropriate salary
assisting others in need

4. Which of the following principles is associated with Aristotle’s version of virtue ethics?

Law of Aveages
Doctrine of the Mean
Measures of Central Tendencies
Principle of "Don't Be a Meanie"
Standard Deviation

5. With which of the following characteristics would Aristotle find most virtuous?


Homework Answers

Answer #1

1. Theory of ethics which emphasizes virtues of mind more than the duties and rules in virtue ethic theory. Its one critic is "it does not tell us which scriptural texts to follow." because this theory does not provide any objectively right list and as cultures differ in terms of morals and values, this theory can not decide based on which rules to follow from which scriptures as these rules differ from one culture to another.

2. Virtues are either moral or intellectual virtues. The given examples are moral virtues.

3. allocate scarce medical resources. As for scarce resources there are countless patients and how can character and virtue can decide where and how to allocate.

4. Doctrine of the Mean.

5. Courage

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