Your company wants to put a ball-bearing factory in Africa. Your company predicts this is where...

Your company wants to put a ball-bearing factory in Africa. Your company predicts this is where the most growth will be in the 21st century. Your assignment is to research a country on the African continent that you think would be the most advantageous to your company in cultural, economic, and political environments. Your assignment is to point out and explain the facts or statistics that you think would make this country a good place to build and staff your factory. Remember to keep the cultural, economic, and political environments in mind. Your presentation must include at least two facts or statistics that relate to each environmental area (cultural, economic, and political).

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African country Ethiopia is considered to be the most suitable country to put a ball-bearing factory in Africa. The most important resource of a factory, ie., labor cost is very low in Ethiopia. It is the most populous landlocked country in the world, thus offering a benefit of availability of labor in huge numbers.

Most people in the country speak Afroasiatic language which is easily understandable, thus offers a huge potential of business growth in the outside country. It has vast fertile west, forests and numerous rivers making it an attactive destination for setting a factory. Its capital city Addis abiba serves as the headquarter of the African Union and Pan African chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As a result of appropriate climatic conditions, suitable geographic locations and availability of cheap labor force makes Ethiopia a suitable country to set up a ball bearing factory.

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