Theories surrounding leaders and leadership continue to advance/develop as the complexity, scope of organizations shift from...

Theories surrounding leaders and leadership continue to advance/develop as the complexity, scope of organizations shift from command-and-control structures to more agile structures for managing change. In today’s environment, the pace of disruptive innovation is fast-tracking which is forcing organizations to rely on the latest leadership theories to keep organizations competitive in rapidly changing markets.

Task: Do you agree with the above statement?

"In your response, evaluate traditional, contemporary, and emerging leadership theories. Outline the leadership theory that you would consider to be most effective to keep organisations competitive in the changing markets - Please provide examples where appropriate."

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Answer #1

The above statement is absolutely apt as todays environmental and techtonic tailwind need disruption form of leadership which is Contingent and not restricted to particular style of leadership and thus makes it most effective form of leadership as leaders can navigate situations and adopt combination of styles to manoeuvre the challenges.

Traditional theories lacked direction and had inability to face disruption, while contemporary theories were more flexible and had better tools and fusion of traditional styles. Emerging leadership theories are more Contingent and collaborative and are dynamic making them agile and future fit based on organisational structure and policies.


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