Choose one of the questions below to answer in your post for this week and include...

Choose one of the questions below to answer in your post for this week and include the question number in your response. Although some ask for your thoughts or opinions, you must provide at least one academic source (not course text) to support each answer.

2.) Describe the impact of U.S. agricultural subsidies on: a. the incomes of US cotton farmers; b. the U.S. taxpayer; and c. cotton growers in other countries. Do you believe that the U.S. government has a moral obligation to consider these impacts when implementing policies such as the 2007 or 2014 Farm Bills?

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Answer #1

1) The agriculture subsidies play a major role in the economy of the US where a),with the subsidies in play, the cost incurred to the farmer decreases with which the overall profit or income to the farmer Increases. B) With the impact of subsidies, the government needs more revenues with which the taxpayer has to pay more taxes C) With the subsidies in play, the cost will beess with which the number of cotton growers of the country will be on a large node on the whole.

There might not be any moral obligation and food productivity enhances the country's economy up to a certain level on the whole.

Reference - Agriculture subsidies and their implications by Rajesh Kumar Gupta

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