the article Snap Contends With User Outcry: New Isn’t Necessarily Better The fury doesn’t appear to...

the article Snap Contends With User Outcry: New Isn’t Necessarily Better

The fury doesn’t appear to be damaging the app’s popularity yet. Despite the uproar over the redesign, first-time installs of Snapchat increased about 18% in the month after its launch, compared with the prior approximately monthlong period, according to app-research firm Sensor Tower Inc. Users also appear to be spending more time in the premium content section of the app called Discover, according to people close to Snap.Industry veterans warn that there is often a disconnect between what users say and do. Instead of focusing on what users say, people in the industry say, social-media companies carefully track how frequently users are logging on and the duration of their visits and how much content they area creating.

Q) What key point does the article about Snap illustrate about the difference between what consumers say and how they actually behave?

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Answer #1

Despite recent uproar on the social media by the users of Snapchat as to how much they dislike the new design of the app, there has been a massive increase of close to 18% of new Snapchat installations made by people, along with more time being spent on the app.

This point shows there exists a difference between what people say and how they actually behave. This is because despite saying and claiming how much they dislike the upgrade, people are still using more of Snapchat and its features, spending more time on the app, which ironically is opposite of what they claim.

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