Why is free speech important, especially speech you may disagree with? Free speech is a fundamental...

Why is free speech important, especially speech you may disagree with? Free speech is a fundamental right as stipulated in the Texas Constitution Bill of Rights as well as the US Constitution Bill of Rights. Do you feel it should be protected? Think about what is going on in the current social-political environment as groups protest and rally for positions. College campuses are in an upheaval of protests by groups that want to shut down free speech based on speech they deem is hateful or hurtful. What are your thoughts? Explain. Examples.

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Freedom of speech is fundamental right in many nations and it makes citizen brings his or her opinion regarding the government and its policies. If people are not allowed to express their opinion regarding the government processes then it does not make any sense of being democratic and feel independent in choosing the right government. But, off course, there should be some boundaries in the right to freedom of speech. People should not be allowed to use abusive and violent words against other, they should express their disagreement in professional manner. This way, it will solve both the problems. Citizen would be able to put forward their opinion to make government realize of their duties and it will not lead to any violence among the people and society.

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