Zeese and Flowers describe the present as a time of both growing state and corporate power...

Zeese and Flowers describe the present as a time of both growing state and corporate power but also growing popular resistance on various fronts, such as economic justice, universal health care, internet freedom, independent media, environmental justice, confronting the decline of American empire, and systemic racism. The 2020’s in particular are shaping up to be a period of rapid transformation. After looking through the articles, how, if at all, are you or might you become involved with this movement? Given what’s happening in the society, how would you like to direct your life energy?

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I would like to direct my life's energy in creating awareness and giving others that I have. We gain a lot of things from life and learn a lot from it. When we talk about he things of importance it spreads and awareness is created. The major problem with underdevelopment is that people are not aware of their rights and about the facilities they have. Government makes a lot of policies for the growth of lower class but due to unawareness they couldn't get their rights and someone else, who is well aware of them snatches it away, which leads to corruption. Hence, awareness is very important and I would like to to spread awareness from whatever knowledge I have.

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