Hello, can you teach me how to draw a Use Case diagram for this given scenario?...

Hello, can you teach me how to draw a Use Case diagram for this given scenario? I also need to include all the extends and includes relationships.

Case Description

Acme Drug Stores (ADS) which consists of a chain of retail stores across Canada wants to be able to provide a new online customer service system. Each store has an identifying store no, address, phone, and email. The company dispenses a wide range of pharmaceutical (drug) products. Each product has a name as well as a DIN (Drug Identifying Number). A central inventory record for the company is maintained with information on the quantity of each product that is on hand as well as its reorder level and reorder quantity.

A major feature of the new system will enable customers to request a refill for a prescription on file with Acme. They can do so by selecting the medication needed by entering the 7 characters RX# of their prescription and the unique store # where the prescription is held. This information is on the label printed on the dispensed medication. For security purposes, they will be prompted to also enter their date of birth. Basic customer data will already be on file from when the prescription was originally presented. The prescription details will be displayed to the customer. If there are no refills left on the prescription the customer will be advised to contact their physician and the request terminated. If sufficient refills are available the customer will be asked to confirm the refill.

A refill request transaction will be created with a unique request-id and stored for dispensing purposes with the date of the refill request The date and time for picking up the medication that the system has calculated will also be included in the transaction and displayed to the customer.

Other services require the customer registering. To register the customer enters their health card no and their date of birth. Once the system has retrieved and displayed the existing customer data, the customer will create and input a password. In addition, they will then select a security question from a random one presented by the system and then provide the answer to the system. They will need to confirm the name, address, phone number already on file that will be presented to them and is currently against their held prescriptions. If this information is incorrect or deficient they will enter corrected values.

A registered customer can go online and display all their current prescriptions. This will show the following information: the date it was issued, the name of the medication, its RX#, the unit of measure and quantity dispensed, and the number of refills remaining. Optionally from this list, a customer may select a prescription and then schedule a date for an automatic refill or they may decide to transfer a prescription from one store to another. The customer can repeat these actions for other prescriptions individually in the same session.

Pharmacists at the stores will access the refill requests transactions to dispense them in time to meet the scheduled pickup date and time provided to the customer. When a prescription has filled the date it was filled is recorded and the central inventory record is updated with the quantity used. The no of refills recorded against the prescription is also decremented.

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