The Spring Break‘ R’ Us Travel Service The Spring Break ‘R’ Us social networking subsystem requires...

The Spring Break‘ R’ Us Travel Service The Spring Break ‘R’ Us social networking subsystem requires an intuitive and engaging user-interface design for mobile devices. But the social networking subsystem can also play an important role in resort security. For example, each resort could use traveler location, interests, activities, and “likes” – all of which are available through the application – to monitor the well-being of travelers staying at the resort. Most spring break travelers are young, and their parents are concerned about their safety – particularly at isolated resorts in foreign countries. SBRU and the participating resorts could keep track of where travelers are and who they are near, monitor messages about activities and parties, and anticipate crowed conditions or vulnerable travelers wandering off-site. Alerts could notify security if conditions veer away from normal or if messages indicate there are problems. For example, if the pool is overcrowded, some actions can be taken. If messages refer to places off-site that are known to be dangerous, security can make an extra patrol. Although many people find this use of private information objectionable, others – particularly parents find it essential. Imagine resort security with a large, wide-screen monitor tracking traveler activities: Design a main screen that includes multiple locations, paths and roads, traveler location and status, messages traveling from traveler to traveler, and other features that security should monitor. Create a storyboard that shows an example of a pop-up alert and a menu of options that security might select after an alert. Should you also show security the staff members’ locations and status? How about clicking security staff members to send them a message? How about clicking a location to turn up the lights or to close a security gate? Be creative as you think through the design possibilities. You should include four or five screen layouts for the storyboard.

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for better understanding i put all the screen shots as one and used some indicators see the below screenshot


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