Your manager at Security Consulting Company has asked you to develop a tool that can gather...

Your manager at Security Consulting Company has asked you to develop a tool that can gather information from several hundred computers running Windows 10 at Alexander Rocco. The tool needs to verify whether any computers are left running at certain hours in the evening, because management has requested that all computers be turned off no later than 6:00 p.m. Write a memo to your supervisor describing the programming language you would use to develop this tool and the method for verifying the information Alexander Rocco management requested.

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Dear supervisor ,

I am writing to request for the implemenation of verifying the security and information of the company Alexander Rocco it is my responsblity to give the complete security anlaysis of the company to that i need to develop a application that wll check the computer and manage them automatically and alert the people if the computers were used after 6.00pm.

I feel that i have the complete knowledge to develop this application through web applications (PHP) which will produce reports at regular period of time the satus of the computer could be checked undera paticular dashboard. by which the company could be saved from un authorized access of the resources.I understand all the challenges in this work and i will be the right person to do this job with the ease of transaction.

I look forward many more service years to come.

your faithfully,


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