A one-way solid slab of a span of 3000 mm and a total thickness, h, of...

A one-way solid slab of a span of 3000 mm and a total thickness, h, of 150 mm is subjected to a service L.L. of 9.58 kN/m2. The concrete compressive strength, f'c , is 20.7 MPa, the steel yielding strength, fy , is 414 MPa, the total cover of steel is 30 mm, minimum reinforcement ratio is ρmin = 0.0033, maximum  reinforcement ratio is ρmax = 0.0135, and density of concrete γc = 24 kN/m3. What is the required area of steel reinforcement, As,req., needed to resist the ultimate bending moment? urgent answer please

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Answer #1

Area of steel required to resist moment developed is calculated.

Calculated area of steel is checked for minimum and maximum steel ratio.

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