On our jobsite, we have a Manitowoc 16000 Crawler Crane with the configuration of a No....

On our jobsite, we have a Manitowoc 16000 Crawler Crane with the configuration of a No. 58 Heavy Lift Boom (96-m, 315-ft.) and 332,000 lbs. of counterweight/120,000 lbs. of carbody counterweight. The Manitowoc 16000 has to pick the below thirty-foot-length concrete ‘T’ beam and set it into place. The rigging load (shackles, cables, hook block, and spreader beam) will be 2,500 lbs. What is the maximum load radius that can be used to set the concrete ‘T’ beam (below picture) given the cross-section dimensions of the beam itself and the other information?

Beam Shape Is 12” Thick By 36” Width On The ‘T’ Top And 36” In Total Height And 24” Thick On The ‘T’ Base

  1. 140 feet

  2. 155 feet

  3. 170 feet

  4. 180 feet

  5. 195 feet

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Answer #1

Solution 22.

Dry concrete blocks, slabs have some amount of crystalline silica and when these materials are dry cut they release silica which can be dangerous when exposed in the air.

There is less dust emission in case of wet masonry cutting work because the water that flows over the blade and the block in a wet saw to cut the block reduces this dust.

Dry steel pipe cutting work releases metal fumes.

so the correct option is option (A)

Please give some positive rating.. I have less CF Score

Thank you so much

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