In a brief essay (8-10 sentences), explain why it is important—in light of cases like Bhopal,...

In a brief essay (8-10 sentences), explain why it is important—in light of cases like Bhopal, the Space Shuttle Challenger, etc.—that the public be able to trust engineers. You should touch on the kinds of effects engineering mistakes can have on the broader public and its interests. Given this trust, what obligation do you think engineers have to police themselves and one another? How best can this be carried out? You should touch on reasons engineers are better suited to self-regulate than to be regulated by the public or legislators.

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Why it is important that the public be able to trust engineers-

Engineering is another set of profession just like lawyers or medical professionals. They might not understand a community but they understands technology. But ultimately they are just humans and has the tendency to make mistakes like the crash of the Mars space probe in 1998 due to confusion over units of measurement. But that doesnot mean they should be considered untrustworthy. They will learn from their mistakes and then do better.


1. Responsibility to the public

2. Safety of Environment

How best can this be carried out-

  • Care and respect for the environment, and for humanity’s cultural, historical and archaeological heritage
  • Protect the health and well being of present and future generations
  • Establish, maintain and develop standards of professional ethics
  • Risk Reduction by proper analysis
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