What is the mole ration between BaCO3 and H2O? If the students wants to perform the...

What is the mole ration between BaCO3 and H2O?

If the students wants to perform the reaction to obtain barium acetate and she has 20 grams of barium carbonate and 2 mol of CH3CO2H, which of these reactants is the limiting reactant? Show your procedure to get to the answer

How many grams of barium acetate will the student get if we have a 100 % yield (theoretical yield) for this reaction?

she gets 0.05 g of barium acetate instead, what would the % yield for this reaction?

How many mol of CO2 and H2O will she get from this reaction assuming a 100% yield?

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Answer #1

BaCO3 + 2 CH3COOH = Ba(CH3COO)2 + H2O + CO2

1 mole of BaCO3 reacting with 2 moles of CH3COOH to produce 1 mol of barium acetate

mole of BaCO3 = 20 / 197.34 = 0.10135 mole

sotichiometic moles of BaCO3 = 0.10135 moles

mole of CH3COOH = 2 mol

stoichiometric moles of CH3COOH = 2/ 2 = 1 mole

since the number of moles of BaCO3 are lesser than the moles of CH3COOH so the BaCO3 is limiting reagent.

for 100% yield

moles of barium acetate produced = 0.10135 moles

gram of barium acetate produced = 0.10135* 255.43 = 25.9 g

percentage yield = (0.05 / 25.9)*100 = 0.19 %

moles of CO2 and H2O for 100% yield

1 mole of BaCO3 producing 1 mole of CO2 and 1 mole of H2O

so moles of CO2 produced = 0.10135 moles

moles of H2O produced = 0.10135 moles

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