A gas chromatogram of the organic components of a sample of beer using a column that...

A gas chromatogram of the organic components of a sample of beer using a column that separates compounds on the basis of their relative boiling points provides a GLC trace with several peaks. Two fo the smaller peaks, with retention times of 9.56 and 16.23 minutes, are believed to be ethyl acetate and ethyl butyrate, respectively. (a) from the above information which component of the sample, ethyl acetate or ethyl butyrate, elutes faster? What are the reported boiling points of these two substances? (b) What GLC experiment(s) could you perform to confirm the identity of the peaks at 9.56 and 16.23 minutes?

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Answer #1

a) the compounds, which have shoter retention time will be fastly eluted.

in this case ethylacetate has 9.63min, where as ethyl butyrate has 16.23 min elution time.

so, from the above information ethyl acetate has shoter retention time, it will fastly eluted.

b) after separation of two samples you will go for mass spectroscopy of individual samples. this will conform the samples and compaire with your retention times. so, better go for GC/MS.this will give complete information.

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