1. Draw the reaction mechanism for the formation of Grignard product From : Benzaldehyde to  Diphenylmethanol 2.Calculate...

1. Draw the reaction mechanism for the formation of Grignard product

From : Benzaldehyde to  Diphenylmethanol

2.Calculate the theoretical yield for the reaction. Show your calculations.

3. Calculate the % yield of the reaction and the % error of the melting point. Show the calculations.

4. Locate an IR spectrum for the product in the literature

5. NMR analysis:

  • Draw the full structure of the product. Show all bonds to the hydrogens. Label the different sets of hydrogens (i.e. Ha. Hb, H1, H2, etc) based on which ones are equivalent and which ones are not.
  • Assign each set of hydrogens with a specific signal on the spectrum.
  • Create a table that summarizes: the chemical shift, integration, multiplicity, proton assignment, and justification of each signal.

Please answer as many as you can. Really would appreciate the help! Thank you!

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