I have to perform an experiment in organic chemistry lab. My reaction is 2-pentanol. + NaBr...

I have to perform an experiment in organic chemistry lab. My reaction is 2-pentanol. + NaBr + H2SO4.Starting material (2- pentanol) given was 12gram. I performed two trials but i didnot got ressult i performed 2 trials in which i didn't got any result. In first trial add 3 gm NaBr, 7 ml H2SO4 and 3.06gm 2- pentanol. I reflux for 30 min. After reflux i vaccum filterate the product and seperate NaBr then in seperatory funnel i wash the product with 10 ml of water.

in 2nd trial i used 3gm of 2- pentanol, 12.1 gm H2SO4, 7.01 gm of NaBr and reflux for 45 min. after vaccum filteration i wassh the product with 10 ml of water

In both trials i didnt got the result. and i am left with 6 gm of 2- pentanol . i have to perform 2 trisals. Please help me to perform my experiment. i just left with 1 week to finish my experiment

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In a round bottom flask 3 g (0.034 mol) of 2-pentanol, 4.9 g (0.048 mol) of NaBr and 7 mL of 9 M H2SO4 was taken and refluxed for 30 min. Then it was cooled and two layers both having an off yellow colour is formed (one more transparent than other). The reacting containing product was distilled until no more distil over but do not overheat the reaction mixture. The distillate was then separated with one wash of 15 mL water and then with 5 mL of 5% NaHCO3. The bottom layer which is the organic layer (contains desired product) is separated from aqueous layer using separating funnel. Then this layer was passed through sodium sulfate (drying agent) to get the desired product of liquid (2-bromopentane).   

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