5. (8 pts) Label each of the following substances as strong acid (SA), weak acid (WA),...

5. (8 pts) Label each of the following substances as strong acid (SA), weak acid (WA), strong base (SB). weak base (WB), acidic salt (AS), basic salt (BS), or neutral salt (NS).

a. RbOH __ strong base __________

e. NH4I ____ acidic salt ___________

b. CsF ___ basic salt ___________

f. KCH3COO ____ basic salt___________

c. H2SO4 ___ strong acid __________

g. NH3 ____ weak base ____________

d. HNO2 ____ weak acid ___________

h. SrBr2 ___ neutral salt ____________

6. (6 pts) Circle the ions in the list below that are neutral: Cl- NH4 + Mg2+ NO3 - K+ CN

The questions are already answered, but im having a hard time understanding what makes something a strong salt, basic salt, or a neutral salt. and for the second question how do you know if it is neutral?

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Ans 5 :

when the species readily gives off its proton it is a strong base otherwise weak. If it gives off hydroxide ions readily than a strong base otherwise weak. The salt formed by strong acid strong base is neutral ; weak acid and strong base is basic and strong acid and weak base is acidic.

So here :

a) RbOH : strong base

e) NH4I : acidic salt

b) CsF : basic salt

f) KCH3COO : basic salt

c) H2SO4 : strong acid

g) NH3 : weak base

d) HNO2 : weak acid

h) SrBr2 : neutral salt

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