Time (s) [ClO] (M) 4.19×10−3 7.81×10−6 4.91×10−3 6.33×10−6 5.63×10−3 5.32×10−6 6.35x10−3 4.59×10−6 7.07×10−3 4.03×10−6 Be sure...

Time (s) [ClO] (M)

4.19×10−3 7.81×10−6

4.91×10−3 6.33×10−6

5.63×10−3 5.32×10−6

6.35x10−3 4.59×10−6

7.07×10−3 4.03×10−6

Be sure to answer all parts. Chlorine oxide (ClO), which plays an important role in the depletion of ozone, decays rapidly according to the equation 2ClO(g) → Cl2(g) + O2(g) From the following data, determine the reaction order and calculate the rate constant of the reaction.

Reaction order: 0 1 2

Rate constant: k = × 10 1 Ms

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Ans. #1. Order of reaction = 2 , because the graph of (1/concertation) vs time is linear- the characteristic of a second order reaction.

#2. Rate constant, k = slope = 4.0 x 107 M-1 s-1

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