Using your knowledge of how compounds like taxol and phallodin work, you are required to create...

Using your knowledge of how compounds like taxol and phallodin work, you are required to create a "new medicine" that would help regulate cancerous cell growth. Within this plan describe an imaginary compound that you've developed in a lab (not one that already exists) and include the mechanisms of how it works. This new medicine or drug could target the cytoskeleton itself or any of the regulatory proteins. Hint: We know that actin and microtubules are required for cell division and cancers are dined by uncontrolled cell division.

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Answer- the cancer can be stopped by disturbing the cell growth. The toxil and other drugs work on the same criterion. the actin and microtubules are required by the cell for growth. The cell Division can also be affected by depleting the nutritional source of cell. The new drug will work on this concept. It will diagnose the malignant cell and will adhere to those cells. After adhesion it will stop the nutrition interaction of malignant cells with other normal cells. The depletion of nutrition will halt the growth of cell after a specific time period. The imaginary compound once adhered will not leave the target cells untill apopty start. After apoptosis it will leave in the body for few days and if no other malignant cell Is observed the compound will be excreted through one of the excretory route.

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