10a. The technique known as TMS can be used to induce virtual (temporary) lesions in healthy...

10a. The technique known as TMS can be used to induce virtual (temporary) lesions in healthy humans by causing __________. a. neurons to die by triggering apoptosis

b. upregulation of protein synthesis in neurons

c. neurons to become depleted of glucose

d. abnormal firing and synchrony in neurons

10b. When large populations of neurons are relatively synchronously activated, have an open field organization, and received similar inputs (e.g., excitatory), then a field potential is generated. This is called a local field potential when recorded in the brain tissue, and a far field potential when recorded at some distance away. One example of a far field potential is a(n) _______________.

a. bold signal

b. EEG wave

c. neuronal spike

d. synaptic potential

Homework Answers

Answer #1

10. a) The correct answer is - d) abnormal firing and synchrony in neurones.

Additional Information :

In TMS electro magnetic induction is used to generate an electric current arround the skull. This electric field changes the transmembrane rate of the neurones and creates a abnormal firing pattern ( depolarization or hyperpolarization) .


10. b) The correct answer is - b. EEG wave.

Additional Information:

Far filed potential are produced a cell or neural generator, which is located at a distance from its recording electrode.

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