Which of the following describes the phylogenic relationships between the three domains? a. Bacteria and archaea...

Which of the following describes the phylogenic relationships between the three domains?
a. Bacteria and archaea are more closely related to each other than Eukarya
b. Archaea is the most ancestral of the domains, bacteria is closest to Eukarya
c. Eukarya is the most ancestral domain, while archaea is the most recent one
d. Bacteria is the most ancestral domain, followed by archaea and then Eukarya

2. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is very common males and females. Although most infections are cleared within a few weeks, there are two HPV types that have severe long- term effects and are responsible for 70% of all cervical cancers. How can some viruses be related to cancer?
a. The virus forces the cells to produce more viruses and this always results in cancer
b. The virus lyses the cell as it exists the cells and this makes the cell become cancerous
c. The virus incorporates its genetic information in the hosts chromosome alternative
d. All viruses regardless of their lytic or lysogenic cycles cause cancer

3. The invention of vascular tissues was a great adaptation to colonize terrestrial environments. However, many vascular plants still require water to reproduce sexually.
What innovation allowed plants to reproduce without water?
a. The evolution of flowers, only flowering plants can reproduce without water
b. The evolution of pollen, gymnosperms and angiosperms can reproduce without
c. The dominant sporophyte generation that can produce spores by meiosis
d. The dominant gametophyte generation that can produce gametes by mitosis

4. As we progress from bryophytes to angiosperms, what is happening to haplodiplontic cycle?
a. The gametophyte generation becomes more prevalent
b. The gametophyte generation disappears
c. The sporophyte generation becomes more prevalent
d. The sporophyte generation disappears.

5. All of the following are considered evolutionary advantages of seeds EXCEPT:
a. They allow for a period of dormancy when conditions are unfavorable
b. They can have modifications of the seed coat that can promote dispersal of
c. They help attract pollinators
d. They provide protection to the embryo
e. They development is not limited by sperm having to swim through water to reach
the egg

Homework Answers

Answer #1

Answer 1. Option b

RNA polymerases of Archaea resemble more to eukarya than to bacteria. Archaea do not contain peptidoglycan as bacteria.

Answer 2. Option c

Research is going on in this field to prevent incorporation of viral nucleid acid to the host, so that cancer occurrence can be prevented.

Answer 3. Option b

Adaptations that allowed seed plants to reproduce without water include flowers or cones.

Answer 4. Option c

The sporophyte or Diploid phase is predominant in their life, gametophytic phase or haploid phase occurs when gametogenesis occurs for the sexual reproduction.

Answer 5. Option c

Poliination is related to transfer of pollen from anther to stigma of the same or the different flower. Pollination is not seeds. Seed dispersal is done by animals, zoochory.

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